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Bryce Barrett8th Grade12-15-174th periodI am most interested in the computer hardware engineer career because I like computers and electricity. They design computer and computer-related product including computers, monitors, etc. I have always been interested in electrical circuits and programming. I think this is the career for me. For this career, you need a lot of education. You can start preparing for this career in high school. It is important to get good grades in math and science. You should also do well in English and computer studies. Good grades are important to get in this career because you want to get into the best school as you can. It’s also a great idea to take electrical shop classes if they are offered. There are many colleges that offer programs for computer hardware engineering, but some programs are better than others. Some of the best schools which offer this program include Stanford University, Georgia Tech, and what I think has the best computer hardware engineering program as well as the best engineering school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I think this is the best program because of their reputation, their professors, their classes, and the tools they offer to use. In addition to computers, engineers create all of the related components. This includes internal parts like circuit boards, chips, and hard drives. But it also includes things like monitors and keyboards. Computer hardware engineers need to know how all these parts work together. They must know the scientific properties of the materials used to build them. For example, consider engineers designing a new circuit board. They may try different types of plastic to make sure the part works properly. Engineers must understand why one type of plastic would work better than another. The first step to creating a product is to know its requirements. Requirements may be provided by the employer unless you are self-employed. The engineers then design the product on computers. Using special software, they create a prototype for testing. Sometimes the prototype is theoretical. This means it can be tested in digital form. In other cases, they create a physical prototype for testing. Based on the prototype, they make any necessary changes to the design. They present it to their employer or client once it is perfect. If it gets approved, the engineers go on to oversee the manufacturing process. They also plan the best way to mass produce it. Engineers may follow the item all the way through production. This way they can make sure it’s built right. Some engineers specialize in a certain part of this process. For example, some work in research and design. They do experiments and come up with new ideas. Others specialize in the manufacturing process. They find the most efficient ways to produce items. Other engineers specialize in a specific type of technology. For example, some are experts in CPU design. Other engineers only work on networking equipment. Some engineers work as consultants. They specialize in giving companies computer advice. They make recommendations for maintenance or improvements to hardware. Other consultants work with manufacturers to develop new products that meet their clients’ needs. Most engineers work full time and earn an annual salary. They usually earn between $67,000 and $172,000 a year. Those in senior roles can make even more. The national median is about $115,000 a year. Earnings depend on education and experience. Those with a bachelor’s degree usually earn less than those with a master’s degree or Ph.D. Employed engineers also receive benefits. This can include health and dental insurance. It can also include paid vacation time. Some are given use of a company car. Some companies award bonuses as well. But self-employed engineers must provide their own benefits.There are thousands of companies that you could work as a computer hardware engineer at. Some of the best companies that computer hardware engineers can work at include