Brand In the period of its growth, it acquired

Brand Review:

is an America based multinational company dealing with sports wear, equipment
and accessories. The company has headquarters in Washington County, Oregon,
United States. It has been in the market since 1964 founded by Bill Bowerman,
Phil Knight. It is the world’s most popular and largest trader of athletic
shoes and apparel. Nike started its business by making running shoes and made
$8,000 sales revenue in its first year of operations. In the period of its
growth, it acquired many companies like Cole Haan, Bauer Hockey, Hurley
International and Umbro. The first advertisement of Nike was tag lined as
“There is no finish line “, in 1976. After operating in the market for 15
years, it conquered half of the American Athletic shoe market and issued its
shares to public. Nike has been growing with leaps and bounds with the present
brand value at $29.6 Billion.   

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Key features and benefits:

has been manufacturing light weight shoes which make the runners feel lighter
and relaxed.

form fitting has improved the running experience, as it allows the upper part
of the shoe to fit with the foot. It gives a feeling of a glove on your feet.

manufacturing the shoes, a new technology is being used in which everything is
knit in the machine giving a furbished look to the shoes without any cutting
and stumping residual material.

Performance is the key motive behind the shoes manufacturing.

at the upper part of the shoe is to complement the actions and movements of the

breathable upper part of the shoe enhances the quality of the shoe.

design of the toe box doesn’t squish your toes.


Market share: Nike has acquired 31% of the market all over
the world.

Market size: Nike is being demanded by 6,877,800,000
people amounting to $278.4 Billion.Nike is the leader in footwear
industry. Nike has been known for its high quality shoes and marked as a sign
of status and reputation. Although, they are expensive still they are liked and
preferred by most of the people. It markets its products in multi brand stores
like Sportscheck, Footlockers, etc and also in its exclusive nike stores and
Nike factory outlets. Nike has an unmatched comfort level. Adidas has always been the major
competitor of Nike.

Specific Challenges:

Nike has been in the market since long time. It has reached
the stage of maturity where it is well established in the market and there is
no significant growth in the sales. Many sports apperal and footwear
manufacturing companies have emerged in the market giving a competition to Nike
like Adidas, Reebok, Puma, New Balance, etc. As, the competitors have been
aggressive and focusing on the quality of the footwears, Nike will have to be
more customer focused. There has been lack in the digital promotion actives by

The overall challenge for Nike is to stay on the top in the
sports apperal and footwear industry and update its products frequently.

The core challenge is
to focus on the shoes industry as they go out of style very fast and focus on
its digital presence.

Marketing objectives that IMC will help to achieve are:

?Help in building a new image of nike in the digital market.

?Help nike in understanding the customer needs better through
research and development.

?Help in offering customers innovative and sophisticated
footwears each and everytime.

Target market

Nike’s core target is men and women, athlete, aging 15 to 55,
who are health concious, having an active lifestyle, prefering high quality and
performance, who are willing to spend $100 to $500 for the footwear.It also
targets children who wear nike for running, playing, etc, Who wish to look
style oriented.

The target audiences are a digital generation who use
smartphones, go online on social media, watch youtube or netflix. They are not
avid TV watchers. They might listen to radio only when they are travelling in
car. They do not care about the newspapers and magazines as much as they care
for their laptops and phones.

IMC objectives:

As Nike is highly dependent on the revenue from the sale of
footwears. We are going to promote the running shoes in the market.

The objective of the campaign will be to:

increase the registered memebers of the running club at by 5%.

change the preception in the minds of present and potential customers for Nike
bieng the best brand for sports apperals and footwears as compared to other
competing brands.

increase the presence of nike in the non tradional marketing camapaigns like youtube
vedios of how the nike running shoes are better than others, introducing new
applications which can be used by the athletes to measure their performance.

has been spending most of its earnings in endorsing popular athletes, our
objective would be to divert some of the money towards other operations rather
than endorsements.

Creative strategy:

BIG IDEA is to organise a social campaign which will include a marathon wearing
Nike running shoes. People will be invited to run 2 kilometres and record their
fastest clock time and submit it on the and they will
have to make a 30 to 60 seconds video describing their feeling and reviews
which will be used as banner ad on YouTube and google. Not only it will help in
motivating potential customers to buy the shoes but also from Customer
relationship management point of view, we will get access to the information of
the visitors on the ad and participants in the ad which will help Nike to send
promotional coupons for short term increase in sales and information about the
new and innovative product launches in long term. Keeping real people in the ad
will impact consumers in a factual and emotional manner. The tone would be inspiring,
powerful and positive.