Brand i.e mobile apps to determine customers emotions when

Brand loyalty (25%)Customers have little doubts about brand, they are not convenient if all their needs are met. Consistently is important and can be increased by engaging customers in the company life. Research carried out by Infosys says that more personalised customer experience translates into greater loyalty to the brand and increases sales (, 2018). Also, using i.e mobile apps to determine customers emotions when they are making purchases helps easier adjust offer and is more comfortable for clients (Contributor, 2018).Feedback from customers will help engage them into company life and also will give view how customers treat the brand. In addition, customers through their behaviors are able to create new associations among themselves, with whom the brand will be identified (van Doorn et al., 2010). Customers’ shopping habits lead to increased sales and increased popularity of the brand (Severi and Ling, 2013).Increasing brand awareness (25%)Metrics show that customer awareness of the brand is on low level. To increase the value an appropriate slogan is required. It helps make associations with the brand and often allows the customer to identify with the company. Slogan should be easy to remember and not complex (Dahlén and Rosengren, 2005). Also, logo plays important role and the colors that have been used. Colors are important to receive expecting result i.e red color impacts on emotions, that may convince potential customer to purchase (Singh, 2006). Furthermore, the colors fall faster in memory because most people are visuals (Ezekiel, 2018). The customer may not remember the name of the company, while the company can be associated much faster with a specific color or logo.In UK  90% of households in 2017 had access to the internet  (, 2018) and 39 million people is in social media  (Facts, 2018) it means there is a huge space for building brand awareness through internet. Creating fan page and sharing there information about jeans offer or Rare’s background would allow bring the clients closer. Show them how the company is working and gives opportunity to observe internal processes.To improve reach guest blogging can be used. It is good opportunity to get the name out to new audience and get new customers (Wilson-Rew, 2018). In addition, the style of blogging can help build the recognition. The blog must give valuable content to the recipient, which will not be found on the websites of the competition. In addition, the specific, distinctive style of writing also influences the building of recognition. Copywriting helps achieve determined goals and often increase sales Kopywriting Kourse, 2018). Shopping online (30%)As mentioned before in UK 90% of population has access to the internet(, 2018).Therefore, it is important to make good use of this fact and adjust online selling in proper way. The most important is layout to make people curious and attract their attention (Shortie Designs, 2018) As luxury brand  appropriate colors are required. Gold and black are associated with luxury goods and give feeling of prestige (Shyrose Vastani, 2018). The placement of banners must be clear and intuitive to encourage to purchase. To get best optimisation is possible to measure customers behaviours on the website. To determine clients movements in the e-store Google Analyse will meet expectations, of course, to get more accurate data you can use the paid solutions however, Google tool covers all needs (MonetizePros, 2018).To increase selling we should invest to Google Adwords campaign. It has many options that allow you to customize campaigns to get as many customers as possible (Eliason, 2018).The Google tool “collects” only potential customers, whether the transaction will be finalized depends on many factors for instance: the attractiveness of the offer, ease of shopping. The average conversion of online stores in 2017 is 3,57% (Smart Insights, 2018).Also, when customer gave up the shopping is still possible to recover those clients though remarketing. Is often based on banners displaying while browsing other  websites that are visited by customer. All this information is contained in cookies (, 2018)According to Net Marketshare (2018) the most popular in 2017 search engine was Google – shared over 74% of the market. For this reason, an important element is to be high in search positions. To increase position of  the keywords search engine optimisation (SEO) is required. According to Chitika chart available on, (2018) first two positions share almost 50% of search result positions. Additionally, when compared to, for example, campaigns on Facebook, customers using the Google search engine need a solution to a specific problem. In the case of Facebook, a need should be created that limits the area of ??activity. Brand Image (20%)The brand image is influenced by similar factors as brand awareness and brand loyalty. Focusing on these areas will also have an impact on the overall image of the company that is created in the client’s mind (Butler, 2018).