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Box Jellyfish have one of the most unsafe stings in the world. In two stings, whatever it stung is dead. Their sting is not the only complication though, they have are starting to eat a lot more of very small fish out of the ocean. They also have a very interesting predator. They also have an incredible habitat! These Box Jellyfish are one of the most dangerous/hazardous animals in the entire world, maybe even the most hazardous!Box Jellyfish are one of the most dangerous animals in the world. If you get stung by these once, you will have injuries. If you get stung two or more times, you WILL die. You are very lucky if you survive after you were stung two times. For example, a German Tourist at the age of 20 died when a Box Jellyfish got her stuck in its tentacles! She was stung multiple times! Box Jellyfish have the sting that will kill when it feels it needs to. Unfortunately, the sting of the jellyfish isn’t the only thing you should be afraid of about them.  (Article from the “Science Reference Center”) Box Jellyfish have the sting that may kill you, but there is another problem. Scientists currently found out that Box Jellyfish may eat up the ocean. As the ocean becomes more acidic, the jellyfish will start eating more. For example, if the jellyfish eat everything, the food webs will break and then the ecosystems will collapse causing a complete mess. Box Jellyfish will become a HUGE problem! Box Jellyfish may eat up the ocean because of the acidic in the ocean. If scientists didn’t know what the problem was then the scientist wouldn’t attempt to solve the problem. There may be a predator that makes this all go away. (…/2146713-box-jellyfish-will-destroy-future-oceans-by-g..)Box Jellyfish only have one predator because of their stinging cells, and they are translucent, almost clear in the water. For example,the only well known predator are the green turtles. The stinging cells are the Box Jellyfish’s main defense when it comes down to them almost dying. They will usually just sting the predator so it can’t eat it, but because of the green turtle’s hard shell, the Box Jellyfish can’t kill it. Also, the Box Jellyfish is almost clear in the water, so the predators can’t see them very well. A predator that doesn’t usually eat them is a shark. Any type of shark can eat them, but they usually stick to other fish. Box Jellyfish do not have many predators because of their incredible sting!  (   According to David Martinez from the Kansas City Zoo, Box Jellyfish are very picky about their habitat. They live farther out in the ocean, by the middle trunk. They don’t like it any colder than tropical weather. They live in the Indian and the Pacific ocean. They only move from one place to another when food is at stake. At night they sleep on the bottom of the ocean floor and eat in the daylight. Box Jellyfish have a very extraordinary habitat, and a very interesting way of sleeping. Box Jellyfish are one of the most dangerous animals in the world because of their hazardous stingers. They are also causing a lot of trouble to the ocean, but they are still being hunted and ate by their predator. They also may move depending on where their food source may go. Box Jellyfish are what you would call DEADLY animals!