BioSense’s a senior manager or director, this is the

BioSense’s Shop Rules:

The company often develop a set of rules
specific to their operations and sector. So the companies should establish
rules to govern the conduct and actions of their employees. These rules should
have leave no room for discretion and argument. The rules must be enforced and
action should be taken every time a rule is violated. So we as a company we
have a lot of rules to manage the company and the employees. The first rule,
all workers must have proof of training indicating that they are trained.  The second rule, if you were absence you
should telephone or send massage to your supervisor before 9 A.M, and you
should indicate the reason for.  The
third rule, company business acquired in the course of employment id to be regarded
as strictly confidential and must not be disclosed to another party except as
required in the normal course of your the last important rule we must
mentions is the meeting, so meetings other than the normal course of company’s
business, shall not be arranged or held during working hours, or on the
company’s premises ,without the prior permission of a senior manager or
director, this is the most important rules in our company .

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BioSense’s Shop Rewards:

                Employee rewards are
a crucial element of an effective engagement strategy. And in our shop we care
about our employees and our success too. Our HR department takes in charge the
responsibility of employees, the know each customer’s needs and requirements in
order to achieve our goal which is: that it’s not about the rewards and cash,
it’s about motivating and satisfying the employees. Aligning the rewards, we
offer with the things our employees truthfully value will make a big difference
in how they are received. Rewards don’t have to be huge or expensive; in many
circumstances, small rewards are correspondingly effective because they can be
given more repeatedly. In addition, we have some minor and major rewards to our
employees based on their performance.

Minor rewards: These
are the rewards that are given to employees weekly or monthly. Company specific
rewards; like our limited edition employee t-shirts that everyone desires for
its extraordinary softness and remarkable design featuring the Kuwaiti towers
in a nice night view, coffee mugs with their names, water bottles, notebooks,
and year calendars. Also, we have some discounts on local restaurants and
shops, concert tickets, time off, long lunch break, early release from work,
day-off, work from home day, and some valuable gift cards.

Major rewards: These
are the rewards that are given to employees occasionally like The Star of
Month, The Star of Season, Star of Year, Christmases, New years, and Eids. For example,
Personal development rewards like courses, seminars, memberships, and
conferences. Cash equivalent rewards like increases in salaries, promotions,
bounces and profits. Also they can take a vacation or traveling tickets for the
Star of Month. And there are Gyms memberships, new tablets, phones, and some


BioSense’s Shop Accountability

With the rising influence of perfume shops in the private
development sector, there has been an increase in questions regarding the
accountability and legitimacy. In order to steer clear of all odds, we have
come up with ways to make our shop more accountable. To achieve accountability,
we will use and follow these methods and steps which are:

will clear all employees’ roles to remove any
confusion they have about who is doing what and how they will do their work.

We will give employees a sense of ownership for team results. Each
employee should have the commitment to look for information, give and get

We will give employees the freedom and control to make their own decisions
and give their opinion.

employee needs to share what they knew, what they think and what they did.

Employees are called out if they didn’t do what they say they are
supposed to do.

When objectives are achieved, we will
reward the employees that are responsible for these objectives.


BioSense’s core theory for
success heavily relies on the quality





As the quality of BioSense’s relationships with customers rises,
the quality of thinking improves. It’s important to use our thinking skills for
creating more opportunities and use the speed of information flow to our
advantage; and not sit idly and watch it pass by. If we are able to do that, we
believe that BioSense can increase in the quality of actions and results.
Achieving high quality results will have a positive effect on the quality of
the relationships made in and out the shops, creating a reinforcing engine of

Furthermore, we learned that by planning out all the necessary
steps we need to achieve success for our shop, we will be flexible and have
good organization skills. As such, here are the following checklist we made
ourselves to help us ensure BioSense’s success:

a sense of urgency: Followed up on any little improvements that needed to be
made (i.e. our business needs our sincere commitment and focus for as long as
it takes).

a clear corporate goal, a vision: If every other area of our shop remained at
its current level of performance, what is the one area where change would have
the greatest impact?

we create new, non-traditional ideas, activities, and actions?

short-term wins: visible, unambiguous short-term wins that disarm critics. Recognize
and reward people who made the wins possible.

increased credibility to change all systems, structures, and policies that
don’t fit together and don’t support the team members, and the clients

new approaches in our business’s culture: Created better performance through
member and customer-oriented behavior, more and better leadership, and more
effective management… Also, developed the means to ensure leadership
development and succession.