Besides consists of a small guesthouse and a restaurant.

Besides the information mentioned above,
Valeria, since she was 16 years old, is running together with her grandparents
a little hospitality business in Estonia, which consists of a small guesthouse
and a restaurant. Her main aptitudes are accomplishing all her challenges,
making all the ideas come true into reality, leadership, punctuality and
flexibility in pursuance of dealing with different situations, problems and
people. Along with this, she is a hard-working person, who is passionate about
traveling, active lifestyle and learning. She has been to more than 30
different countries, speaks fluently 4 different languages, which are Russian,
Estonian, Spanish and English, and about to learn Finnish and Dutch. Her goal
in life is to become a successful business woman, who loves and enjoys her
work, and give back to the community and charity.


Apart from general manager, working staff like
waiters and barmen, other people will be hired as a lawyer to maintain the
legislation at the future enterprise and preventing all kind of illegal failing-outs,
accountant to keep the financial system and reports in balance, security staff
on an on-call basis for special events and night work. What is more, the qualified
hookah master is going to be hired to work on a full-time basis, and a DJ on a
part-time basis, which means to work on the weekends, special events and more
during the season time.

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Personnel plan


The concept of the Hookah Space lounge bar is focusing on a combination of
high-quality leisure place, which is going to have a well-educated and friendly
service providing big selection of cocktails, quality-made hookahs and unique
chill-out and lounge music, which will make people feel comfortable and be loyal
to come back repeatedly.


As stated above, the staff
recruitment is going to be done on a strict basis, hiring experienced people
and qualified ‘masters’ in hookah, cocktails, music and so on. The obligatory
condition is the ability to speak at least two languages, from which are
Spanish and English. Other languages are more than welcome because Calpe is
very international place, especially during the season time, which is from
April till the end of October. All the team starting from the general manager
to waiters, have to maintain friendly and understandable relation between each
other with no any pressure.

1 line-cock


Figure 7: Personnel structure at the Hookah Space
lounge bar


The personnel structure of the Hookah Space
lounge bar is described in the figure 7. The general manager, who is going to
be Valeria Karganova, will control, supervise and manage the work of the hookah
specialist, security staff, lounge & bar manager, social media &
marketing worker and music. In addition, the general manager will look after
the work in the kitchen, which is going to be a responsibility of a chef, who
is going to have one line-cock as a helper. The general manager is able
sometimes to take part of work together with barmen and waiters. In case of
hookah specialist, it is so that all the hookahs would be made carefully and
top-quality. Security staff will consist of two part-time workers due to night
events and special days. Lounge bar manager will look after the work of barmen,
who are cocktail makers, and waiters. There are going to be two full-time
barmen and one barman working on a part-time basis related to big events with
many customers. In case of waiters, there are going to be two full-time and two
part-time employees. Sometimes the lounge & bar manager will accomplish the
duties of waiters or bartenders, if the help is needed or to show how the
things have to be done correctly. On the occasion of music, DJs and other
special guests will be hired on a part-time basis too, due to big events and
season time. Social media worker will provide all the needed data to promote
Hookah Space on the internet in the most popular applications, like Instagram,
Facebook or TripAdvisor, and also he will create different types of posters,
brochures or visit cards for customer attraction.


To sum up, it is supposed that on a daily basis
at the Hookah Space lounge bar there are going to be working 7 people: general
manager, bar & lounge manager, hookah specialist, 2 barmen and 2 waiters.
On a special-event basis there are going to be acting in double more people:
general manager, bar & lounge manager, hookah specialist, invited DJ, 1 or
2 hired security employees, 3 or 4 barmen and 3-5 waiters, depending on the
time, week day, season time and the size of the event.