Being to the field of school gives more homework

Being a student has a lot of things to do, a
lot of responsibility to handle, and a lot of important things to take care of.
One of these things that students recently doing after the day of attending
class is making a homework. As what Anna Wilmington, said “a homework is a life
changer for all students”. It is a concept that everyone knows about. Every student
experienced doing homework at home, and it is really confusing on what could be
the real value of doing it to students, is it helpful? Or harmful?

Over the years, homework has been extant to
students. The teacher giving an out of class task assigned for them. It
prescribed as a tradition of having teachers giving homework’s and students
fulfilling it. Some parents say that teachers require it and teachers also say
that the parents demand more of it. (Baca, 2012). In the survey of Harris Poll
in the University of Phoenix, the teacher where asked “why they assign homework
to students?” and they gave the top three reasons: 1.) To see how well students,
understand the lessons. 2.) To help students develops essential problem-solving
skills. 3.) To show parents what’s being learned in school. Over 30% of teachers
reported they assigned homework to cover more content area. They also found out
that the longer an educator had been in the field the less homework they
assigned. A teacher with less than 10 years in the classroom give a 3.6 hours
of quality time for homework. Retrieved from
3.1 hours for those teachers with more than 20 years in the classroom, and 2.8
hours for those teachers with more than 20 years in the classroom. (“Value of
Homework” Lohmann,2016). Its been said that those teachers who are new to the
field of school gives more homework to students.

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There are advantages of homework. First of
all, students need to practice new learned materials in the class. They need to
find out how well they get and understand the new information and ideas given
by their teacher during that time. Second, homework supports the teacher wither
his/her student learned from her in the class and if it is, she can easily
change topic for her another lesson. It would be her guide on what to do about
her lessons in the class. Third is that, through conducting homework, parents
can participate by helping his/her child on his/her assignments. The members of
the family can observed wither their children has been progress or his/her
understanding remains the same. In the argument essay of Liya Barski 2016, “Homework
cannot help students in school but also can help them for the rest of their
lives.” Homework develops life skills, responsibilities, and improves students
time to practice and get a better understanding about what the lessons taught.
Homework can give students self-discipline skills, good study habits, better
critical thinking skills, and time management skills. It gives skills that will
help people in life. Having a homework is a responsibility that students
develops a sense of punctuality of working it on time. Nevertheless, homework
is beneficial to students because it gives them these advantages to understand
a subject better.

However, there are also a negative advantage
to homework. First, many teachers give too much of it and often do not
coordinate the quantity given. Children may don’t have enough time to relax or
do sports. Second, giving assignments increase stress level of the students
that they can get a lower productivity and performance. Third, it reduces
family quality time or even their friends that may result also to stress. In
the article, “5 Reasons Kids Need Homework and 5 Reasons they Don’t” states
that “kids need time to relax and take their minds off to work”. Student must
feel free to reduce the level of stress from the school. In the article in “Thumbs
Up, Thumbs Down” also states that “homework can cut into sleep time, causing
them to receive poorer grades”. They miss out those activities because homework
comes first. Besides, it will increase the opportunity to cheat. Children may
copy another assignment attempting to finish their assignments. Lastly,
homework can be the source of frustration, exhaustion, family conflicts, and
lack of time for them to pursue their own interest. “It may be the greatest
single extinguish of children’s curiosity”. (Alfie Kohn in his “Homework Myth”).


Homework can be helpful, but also can be
harmful to us, as a student it could be more benefit to us, if we balance the
right time and place to do the homework, it is our decision where or how can we
manage our time in school, in the family and in the community. It is also our own
understanding about how can we value the homework the teacher gives to us and
the importance of balancing your free time and your time in school. After all,
it depends on our self what a homework greatly affect us. It can be helpful and
also harmful for us.