Being inter-related the financing world is. Similar to a

Being a youth raised in the aftermath of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, opened my eyes onhow inter-related the financing world is. Similar to a domino, the fall in currency of theThai Baht have caused currencies of other countries to consecutively fall, one after another.A collection of fundamental mistakes made by a few organisations can cause chaos in otherorganisations that are directly or indirectly related. Despite being deeply interested in whatother problems and success has resulted to the present financial world, being the daughter ofan accountant have also exposed me to current issues and expands my knowledge on what theworld of commerce is about. The curiosity I had regarding this chaotic and unforeseeablemechanism, Accounting and Finance, is what bloomed my interest in this field.Logic and practicality. These are the two main mind sets required when it comes to studyingMathematics. This same mentality can also be applied when studying Accounting and Finance.However, it can also be related to a simple theory of Science. The pendulum isolates back andforth from an equilibrium position, similar to stock price that rises and falls as they arebought and sold. In general, if I am an investor, I believe that this cryptocurrency should bebought when its price plunges and sold when the roaring trade peaks. To add on, learningPhysics has given me a practical way of thinking, alongside the aptitude to apply commonknowledge in experimental work.Accounting and finance are more than just numbers. It is an art; random and unpredictable. Nomatter how many data are collected or calculations made, it is impossible to achieve an exactand precise figure. Reading articles regarding the few economical crisis that happened showshow the world of accounting can never escape from chaos. Knowing myself, I am a meticulousperson and self-fulfillment is one of my strong traits. Therefore, the uncertainty of thisfield makes me question a lot on certain issues such as what caused the Enron scandal in 2002.It got me reading to how this scandal ended.As a start to my future career, I have volunteered to manage my father’s business cash flow. Iwas assigned to record a simple cash flow account and calculate the net profit. With theserecords, we were able to monitor and brainstorm what other factors can help the businessexpand. Besides that, I have also created a few videos to be published on the business’swebsite and social media as a marketing strategy to draw customers. I believe, this simplehands-on experience serves as a platform in being a part of the bigger picture of accountancy.Despite being focused on my academic life, I try to be actively involved in extracurricularactivities as a healthy balance in both areas. My involvement as a scholar in the Axiata YoungTalent Leadership Programme has given me an opportunity to refine my social and leadershipskills. Throughout this programme I have been involved in business simulations exercises andwas able to give back to the community through various ways such as organizing a drive tocollect donations for the refugees organization in my country. Moreover, completing the Dukeof Edinburgh Gold award has elevated my communication skills and mould me into an activeindividual who is always up for challenges. Besides that, being a district netball player, Ihave enjoyed playing and cooperating as a team towards a common goal. Having to juggle allthese activities while having to prepare for a major exam in the same year has taught me thatperseverance and prioritization are key in managing work pressure.The chance to be able to study this course at a prominent university is an opportunity I willcherish and appreciate, to be able to enhance my financial aptitude. With that, as a futureaccountant I believe that my investment starts now – to invest my hard work and time increating a future for myself in the world of commerce.