Because institution, and not “just a school”. Our text

Because I live in Colorado, I, like many in this
course, was unable to visit any of the ASU campuses in person. Thankfully,
being a progressive school with a large online-only and distance-learning
student body, ASU provides virtual tours on its website. Through the tour, and
other pages on the website, I was able to get a firsthand look at what makes
ASU a social institution, and not “just a school”. Our text defines a social
institution as being “organized, patterned, and enduring sets of social
structures that provide guidelines for behavior and help each society meet its
basic survival needs” and lists major examples as “religion,
education, politics, and economics” (Ballantine,
Roberts, & Korgen, 2018, p. 14).  

ASU provides guidelines for its
students by structuring education in ways as small as providing classes with
specific curriculums, and as overarching as the rules for student conduct, in
and outside the classroom (“Student Code of Conduct PDF
File”, 2015). Within the
campus, students can also find nearly everything they need for survival including
food in the dining facilities, shelter in the various residence halls, as well
as the Sundevil Fitness Complex and Health Service buildings, to keep students
active and healthy (“ASU Maps”). Beyond its students, ASU is committed to what
they call “social embeddedness” which, according to the “About Social
Embeddedness” page, includes community service, community-focus research,
driving the local economy, and community-engaged teaching and learning. All of
this comes together to create a campus that has an undeniable influence on the
lives of its students, and those surrounding the campus. ASU is more than a
group of buildings where people attend classes, it is a social institution.

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