Back years i.e. the 11th and the 12thgrade.I was

Back in the early 2000’s, India saw a dramatic change in a field which is one of the most important parts of our day-to-day life and has completely changed the trend with communication in India, making our lives easier. I ‘am mentioning this in reference with different telecom operators, along with cell phone manufacturers from all over the world, bringing in different services and products. I remember my parents buying a cellphone with a 1.5 inch black and blue screen, which was one of the best service providers back then, offering services like live television, which a lot of us found to be amazing, including me. Well, there were other service providers but none of them had this service with them. This is one those many things that kept me amazed, straight through the decade when the technology just kept on getting better . Towards the end of the decade, when it was time for me to choose a path, amongst various fields of studies, I was clear when nothing seemed to fascinate me more than science and technology, choosingscience as my background for 2 years i.e. the 11th and the 12thgrade.I was fortunate enough to have a lot of people in my family and friends, who took up science and then went on to become engineers and scientists, and this helped me to become familiar with various engineering courses, that could help me build a career of my interest. Hence, after my 12th grade I wanted to learn about what had kept me amazed for the past decade, so I chose to do my engineering in electronics and communication. In these four years, studying at one of India’s top private university I got the chance to learn about how the things work technically, and how electronics and communication are interdependent on each other. Apart from the core courses in my coursework, I also got the chance to learn C++ programming which I took as an elective during my 2nd year of engineering. Basics of C++ was a major course in the first year of engineering, but I learned the depth of it when I opted for it as an elective. Learning C++ also helped me enhance my logic building skills and I was a much efficient programmer already. C++ being the building block of a lot of other hardware descriptive languages, it helped me tackle the hardware programming very well. With my growing interest in hardware programming,  I got a chance to work at India’s prime atomic research facility which is BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) for my final project, in my last semester. The project that I completed at BARC was further developed to be implemented in different modules. Thus I knew the choices I made before engineering and during my engineering days have been fruitful as I could practically work on things very efficiently when I was awarded a 9 GPA for my major project in my final semester.But what had brought me to engineering was still incompleteand had to be executed thus, I took up a job at India’s biggest 4G telecom service provider as a GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee). The courses from my electronics and telecom engineeringhelped with basic understanding of my job and what networking is. The actual function of a telecom network kept on becoming clear to me as I attended more and more on job training sessions. That’s when the experience started getting better, the things I had only amazed about were actually being read and practically executed by me. My interest for the work I was doing, kept getting bigger and bigger, and I started reading more about the network. I worked as a level 1 networking engineer in fault management, which in itself was an achievement as not many Graduate Trainees are given this chance because you need to have a complete knowledge of every aspect of fault management. My manager trusted me enough to assign me this duty and they were proud of my performance and how I had grown technically. As a result, I was promoted to work with the TAC (technical assistance center) team i.e. the level 2 fault management team, within 9 months of my joining. Working with the TAC team, I not only learned more about fault management,but also got the chance to work with different employees who were working on making our jobs easier. (needs to be written in a better way)My work experience at JIO  has not only given me a technical expertise, but has also helped me improve my  time management, problem solving and leadership skills, specially being a part of the fault tolerance team. Certain extremely demanding and chaotic situations that I faced while working as a fault tolerance engineer , level 2, have also trained me to work patiently under pressure. While the scope of my engagement at JIO was only confined to technology, I was always intrigued on how the system translates into adding value to the organizations. My experience has honed my technical skills, but the industry environment alone cannot completely educate me in the area of technology management. I tried to gain business knowledge about the system and in this process I have realized that I am more of an ‘analyst’. This realization coupled with the fascination, with how technology as a whole can be implemented to drive business strategies, has fuelled my determination to explore the inherent challenges of working as a business analyst in an organization, which is my ultimate goal, and eventually help the organization develop technology driven business strategies.At this crucial juncture in my life, I truly believe, to achieve my ultimate goal, I have to take on added responsibilities in my career, enrich my knowledge and hone my skills in technology management. I thus see a graduate program as a necessary step in this direction. The graduate program will help me leveragemy experience in the technical domain, with the added skills in technology management that I would wish to acquire during my graduate studies.I am sure that the graduate ______ program at __________with its world-class instrumentation, excellent facilities and infrastructure coupled with eminent faculty will serve as the best medium for me to achieve my professional goals. I have a good sense of the school’s culture, and with my industrial exposure and professional experience, I can ensure that I will do my bit to make the educational pursuit of my classmates a fulfilling and enriching one. I am fully aware of the hard work and perseverance required in graduate studies and I am confident that I have the aptitude and diligence to meet the challenge.