Avocados and any other edible plant parts. Cooks will

Avocados I eat a lot of avocados.  I love them with eggs for breakfast, on sandwiches, hamburgers, or with chips.  The last round of avocados I purchased all rotted before I was able to eat a single one.  I want to know why avocados purchased from a store ripen sometimes, and rot sometimes. Avocados are a fruit.  Despite their green appearance, they are not a vegetable.  Fruits, as defined by a scientist, have to bear seeds and come from an ovary of the plant.  Vegetables are stems, leaves, roots and any other edible plant parts.  Cooks will often call anything sweet tasting a fruit and anything savory a vegetable.  This is why tomatoes are sometimes called a vegetable and sometimes called a fruit.  It depends on if you are talking to a chef or a botanist!https://www.livescience.com/33991-difference-fruits-vegetables.html Most fruits and vegetables go bad because of damage caused by microorganisms such as bacteria and mold, enzymatic processes or bruising.  Have you ever taken fruit out of the refrigerator and seen mold growing on it?  Microorganisms speed produce deterioration through structural decay.  Some fruit benefits from refrigeration. Some, however, is spoiled if you put it in the refrigerator too soon.  One of the reasons fruit spoils is bacteria, mold and fungus. If you have ever forgotten about a peach only to find it covered in blue or green mold, you are familiar with this kind of spoilage.  Refrigeration slows the growth of these microbes. In doing so it buys you a little bit of time between the time your fruit is fully ripe and the time it starts to deteriorate.https://www.healthyoptions.com.ph/newsdigest/boost-your-immunity/why-do-fruits-vegetables-go-bad The best way to ripen avocados is to let them sit in a brown paper bag at room temperature.  After they reach your preferred ripe-ness, put them in the refrigerator to stop them from ripening too much.  If they over-ripen they can become brown and mushy, almost rotting.  If you would like to speed up ripening put in a piece of fruit like and apple or banana.  This works through a process of ethylene gas.  Not all fruits, but most of them, produce ethylene gas after being picked.  This triggers the ripening of the fruit.  It is colorless and odorless.  By trapping this gas in the paper bag with the avocados, you trigger the avocados into ripening faster.  Do not use a plastic bag.  This can trap moisture causing the fruit to rot before it ripens.  https://loveonetoday.com/how-to/ripen-avocados-faster/ Ethylene gas production can happen when the plant is injured or fruit is picked.  Ethylene gas is also called the ripening hormone or aging hormone in plants.  Ethylene gas in fruits and vegetables is actually a plant hormone which regulates the plant’s growth and development as well as the speed at which these occur, much as hormones do in humans or animals.  Apples and pears produce a lot of this gas, but cherries and blueberries do not.  You should never store pears and apples with your lettuce.  Your lettuce will turn brown very quickly.  Ethylene gas was discovered by a student who notice trees next to street lamps turned brown and lost their leaves faster than trees further away.https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/fruits/fegen/ethylene-gas-information.htm