At in the 17th century by Armenian. The early

At first, people did not
consume coffee for its’ taste. Goatherd was surprised to see increasing power
of animals after eating some beans of a plant arouse his curiosity. This was
the beginning of coffee for food. The beans turn out to have a similar effect
on humans, increasing power, nowadays popular for insomnia. Although coffee
does not grow in Armenia, the coffee house was established by Armenians. Most
of the coffee was found in Kaffa, in Ethiopia. The very first coffee shops were
open in Vienna and Paris in the 17th century by Armenian. The early café have
different shape of café from today. These coffee shops served only coffee as its’
literal name. However, café today provide a place for meeting for people, as
known as today’s coffee shops. The shape of modern coffeehouse was started from
England in the late 17th century. The Oxford-style coffeehouse was a place for
people to gather and talk about gossips, academic interest, and mostly overall
news. London coffeehouses got popular and there opened a lot of these because
the profit generated by it was tremendous. The diffusion of and distribution
coffee to the New World was conducted by British in the mid-17th century.

Although coffee houses were not very popular for gathering places at that time,
there was an incident that fuels the firing popularity of it – Boston Party.

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American coffee shop culture changed a lot because if it. Shift from tea to
coffee among the colonist was generated by the uprising against King George
III. A lot of traders brought coffee plants to the new land. The booming of
coffee popularity made coffee as the most profitable commodities in the 18th
century. The coffee shop culture was distributed widely across the countries.

Consumption of coffee in the US increased exponentially, during the Civil War.

Coffee revolution has not ended yet. Curiosity started from goatherd in the
17th century led to the shape of coffee shops in today, such as Starbucks and
Tom n Toms. Coffee shop, is not a simple place that sell foods. It an artistic
craft that uses locally roasted or traded beans. Obviously, diffusion of coffee
shops is stimulus diffusion because it is a diffusion of an innovation from its
hearth to outward, with some changing of its original ideas by new adopters.

The idea changed from the place for selling coffees to place for social

Korean customs that resemble modern-coffee shop meeting

There is no certain
Korean custom, a repetitive act of a group, that is close to the modern-coffee
shop meeting culture. Korean culture is hugely influenced by the Confucian
which is social interaction. Korean do like to gather and talk about a lot of
businesses. However, having gone through the many periods of division of
countries and colonization, the official gathering has not been considered a
good thing. Government regard people gathering and expressing their opinion on
politics as rebellion. Although there is no numerical data on this since it is
the country’s secret, there are a lot of by-talk about people suddenly being
taken to jail. Under the strict surveillance, people had secret meetings to
talk about gossips, politics, and news. Because most the meetings were casually
held in secret places, there is no record and thus no certain term indicating
this gathering culture. “Yangseo Hyupdong Johap” is gathering group in the
early 1900s, which recently got popularized by the movie The Attorney. Ten
students standing trial because they had some meetings for sharing books was
the cause because the prosecutor thought that was a rebellion group sharing the
rebellious opinion. As this movie represents, most of the countries which had
taken place in Korean peninsula did not really allow people gathering and talking
about social issues, although Confucianism pursues social interaction. Freedom
of expressing the idea is guaranteed by Constitution today. Korean’s natural
tendency to be social perfectly work well with the idea of coffee shops, and
that is the reason why there are so many coffee shops in Korea today.

Reasons why so many coffee shops in Korea

            Coffee consumption is the biggest in Asia and does not
seem to stop growing. Obviously, there are the saturated amount of coffee shops
in South Korea. There are several reasons why there are so many demands of it.

The first reason is the diversity of food. Coffee shops today do not only
provide simple coffee but also the variety of coffee and fruits, cookies,
cakes, …. Etc. The second reason is a café culture. There are various coffee
shops in Korea with various themes, such as cat café, dog café, tortoise café,
study café, book café, board game

café. Café in Korea
nowadays is a place for multi-culture activities than just for gathering and
spending times. The last and biggest reason is for ‘going out’. Korean eating
habit does not contain three meal structural – appetizer, main dish, dessert.

The main dish is the only meal they have. Dessert is generally not included in
Korean eating habit or Korean cuisine. Therefore, café is the best place to
have dessert after a meal. Basically, café is where people hang out in Korea.