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At IMPINJ, the leading manufacturer in the world for Radio FrequencyIdentification (RFID) chips, researchers are continually working to improve the ability ofRFID chips and have their use spread to every corner of the map. JenniferArmstrong-Owen’s goal in this article is to inform the reader on how exactly RFID chipswork and allow communication to the outside world from a small chip. They begin withdefining how different makes of chips are designed to produce different radio frequencieswhen they come in contact with a signal. The chips are essentially made from a coil ofcopper made into a circuit. RFID, in general, receives an electrical signal from a deviceand from there sends code back with a certain frequency to the device containinginformation. There are three types of frequencies for the chips made; each havingadvantages and disadvantages. For example, with a low frequency tag it may have aslower data read rate but it would have increased capabilities when it comes toperformance in liquid and other metals. The first type is labeled as an “Active System”which involves a battery for continuous availability of power as well as the ability tocontinually monitor and record sensor input. This system can reach up to 100 meters ormore of radio frequency. The second type of chip system is called a “passive system” thatdoesn’t involve a battery and is powered by the reader through energy transfer. Themaximum distance for this mechanism can reach up to 10 meters but is highly effectivewithin that range. The final system is a combination of the 2 others as it is called a”Battery Assisted Power System” that uses a battery to turn on the tag, and then let’s thereader power the backscatter to push the rest of the signal through. This signal can reachup to 100 meters and works very efficiently. Each of these tag systems are able to matchup with each tag frequency type, therefore making a broad spectrum for the tags tooperate within.


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