Aspire) a Pulitzer for my written work. My motto

Aspire) with the vision for child, aged and women empowerment. As our first initiative, weare collecting resources to be send over for Nepal relief activities.My need to gain every kind of knowledge related to language has led me to take upjobs in various fields. I believe that words have a power. I interned at two newspaper agenciesas a reporter which gave me knowledge of how words are used for conveying importantinformation across the globe. During my brief period of work as a Copy Writer at anAdvertising Agency, words proved its potential to me again as I learned that merely two tothree words were enough to give a brand its image. Now, I am working with a firm as aLanguage Specialist. The experience I have gained in the past four months has been immenseas my work profile involves understanding the technicality of words.I have four goals in my life as I believe that our life is too short to restrict it to just onegoal. Firstly, I want to gain complete knowledge in English Literature so that I can break theboundaries of reality and tap in to the undiscovered forms of literature. You may wonder whyI did not take up creative writing rather than English literature which seems quite apt to mygoals. The reason for this is because I believe that complete background knowledge of asubject is required in order to entirely submit one’s self to it. Creative Writing just highlightsthe techniques and forms of writing. My aim is to create a theme from scratch about anunderlying concept which people know about but haven’t termed or are afraid to term. It ismy belief that someday I will be able to broaden the depths and lengths of the Englishlanguage in the form of literary works. Secondly, I am very passionate about being a creativewriter and maybe someday receive a Pulitzer for my written work. My motto is that sky is thelimit. Thirdly, I want to be able to teach whatever knowledge I have gained as I believe thatknowledge should not be kept within oneself. Finally, I want to build a successful NGO thatcan truly help the underprivileged. When all of these have been achieved, I would like to tryfor Civil Services and contribute to my nation. Why I chose English Literature for my masters can been witnessed through mypassion for writing. When I was in Grade 1, I wrote a poem titled My Pet Lucy. At that age,the rhetoric’s of English language were like ‘French and Latin’ in my tiny head. Today when Iread that simple poem which I wrote a decade ago, I am able to travel back in time to myyounger self who had felt it necessary to pen down her love towards her pet. That is themagical beauty of literature – helping one to travel across space and time through the mediumof words. This notion has always inspired and struck me with awe. I tried to nurture mypassion for writing during my teenage years, mainly in the form of diary writing. I used tocome running back from school to scribble away my achievements of the day. Yet, it wasduring my undergraduate years that I got a glimpse into the theoretical world of literature. I have been an ardent reader from my childhood days. The study of literature openedmy eyes towards a new interpretation of books. When earlier it just used to be the story of theprotagonist, now I wonder about the complex process that went into its writing. You maywonder why I have chosen Ireland. The reason is that to get thorough knowledge of anythingrequires us to begin from its basics. Thus, I find it apt to learn English Literature from its veryown roots. Through this course, I want to gain knowledge about the different works ofliterature and esteemed authors of the various centuries, especially that of the modern andcontemporary period. I believe that studying abroad will help me gain new culturalexperiences which is essential when you study a subject like Literature.