As up watching them their whole lives, and everyone

As you are sitting there watching the NBA Finals with your family, your oldest son who is in 5th grade, is a huge fan of Stephen Curry. Steph threw up a three pointer and made it. He turns around and celebrates. Your son looks back at you with big eyes and tells you, “Dad, I want to be just like him.” That may sound like a cute thing, but it could also be a bad thing. They could pick up some bad habits. Next thing you know your son is outside the next day practicing the same exact shots and airballing them all the time, turning around and celebrating just like Steph would. These bad habits could start to lead back into the tournament that they are playing in that weekend. He throws up those shots that he isn’t even ready for yet because he is only in 5th grade. Everyone has grown up watching them their whole lives, and everyone wants to be just like them. Everything that all professional athletes do are being watched on and off of the court. Whether it is a cool catch they made, a sweet dunk. Kids will see that, but may not know that they just got caught beating on a girl or got arrested for having possession of marijuana. Your kids will rarely see the good that the professional athletes do, because the media will only put on the air all the bad things they do, everything illegal they do or stuff they got caught with. Most kids will watch or see that too, and it won’t be good for them because if that is their role model they will look at that and think that is cool.Incidents like Tom Brady with deflating the footballs. His name went from champion to cheater really quick. He was accused of it, whether it was true or not, but kids will look at that and think that cheating will get you to become a champion, just like him. Kids will also only think that he is only good because he cheats to win, which isn’t the case for his whole career, but maybe for that game. Aaron Hernandez, who had a lot of potential to be the next best NFL Tide End, the best in the league actually. Next thing you know, he got convicted of murder. He went from the top of the NFL Tide Ends to the bottom ending up in jail. Kids looking up to him may think that killing someone is the way to go, but hopefully the kids will have some common sense and know that killing someone isn’t the answer. He recently just killed himself while in jail by hanging himself, after he was sentenced in jail for life. Ray Rice, just a few months after winning a Super Bowl, beat his wife in an elevator while intoxicated. Now me personally, I’m a Ravens fan and I DID look up to him. He was one of my favorite players, until he did that of course. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who looked up to him, but he lost a lot of respect from other people. He ended up getting released by the Ravens and hasn’t been in the league ever since, even though he has attempted many times. Kids may think that beating up a girl is pretty cool since Ray Rice did it, but it isn’t the right thing to do obviously. Some professional athletes will take drugs that enhance their sports performance and may get the edge over their opponents a lot quicker than they would if they were to work for it. Where that is most common is baseball, and one that is very well known for it is Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. Alex was then suspended from Major League Baseball for 2 years and just recently made his return just recently. (Dadigan) Kids can add stress thinking that they are pressured to succeed in whatever sport they are participating in or playing. Just a little stress can be helpful because it can heighten alertness and lead children to perform with increased focus, strength, and stamina. Way to much stress can leave kids to be burnt out. Kids could feel failure or frustration if they don’t succeed at that sport right away, but their basic motor skills haven’t developed right away so it really isn’t even their fault. They will feel like it is their fault but it won’t be because they can’t really help it. Kids self-esteem could also lower because it will be affected by handing out trophies. Tournaments they could earn medals or trophies, but their self-esteem could lower because of what place they got or if they even received a medal or trophy for anything. (Lawrence) If you have never played a sport in your life, the odds of you not knowing the famous athletes of Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Babe Ruth, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, or Brett Favre are very slim. Kids will have a paper rolled up into a ball, throw it towards a trash can and yell “Kobe!” each time that they shoot it, and if you don’t know basketball, Kobe Bryant is arguably in the Top 5 Best Players of All Time that has ever played in the NBA. People may not know him, but they know of suppose to yell that when they shoot something. We all know kids like to copy things, especially if their role model will be doing it. A survey was done before the 2015 Super Bowl, and 64% of the American people think that professional athletes have more of a influence on society than pastors. Many athletes do good though in the community or are great role models. LeBron James is a great role model, and he knows a lot of kids look up to him. On the court he started wearing shorter shorts than most players just to set an example of how shorts should be worn instead of being sagged down to their ankles. LeBron has raised $2.5 million for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and donated ad revenues of $3.5 million to other charities. Kids will see that he loves them and that he is a great person and role model and try to do stuff that he does, whether that is on the court or not. The only bad thing is that other athletes don’t realize are looking up to them and they won’t set a good example for them and will do illegal things such as drugs or domestic violence. These sports players will make an average of $4.5 million for their salaries, and the irresponsible ones won’t think and will put through their head that they can do anything they want with that money. (Moslehi) Next time your kid is watching the news and their favorite player comes up and they did something illegal, beat up someone, or drugs, you should probably change the channel and show them someone like LeBron James or Stephen Curry as role models, because players like them understand that kids look up to them and they won’t be doing anything to make kids do something bad to the best of their abilities and try to be the best role models they can be.