As through case studies, experiences from lectures and learning

As a mechanical engineer who has almost 1.5 years of experience in a manufacturing industry under supply chain vertical, I want to expand my horizons further in terms of business fundamentals. Taking this into consideration, an MBA gives a grounding in the key areas of business management such as economics, finance, human resources, marketing and business strategy. It can help me learn various management techniques through case studies, experiences from lectures and learning with peers from other companies, industries and regions. I yearn to learn the art of handling large scale project or operation in constrained conditions requiring efficient utilization of resources and aligning and balancing organizational aspirations and individual’s growth. Development of such skill paves way for a person towards a future leadership. This is my cognizance, belief, inspiration, idea to pursue a Master of Business Management course which will impart me the necessary skills to fulfil my aspirations.

I always had a keen interest in the manufacturing sector and that intrigued my desire to pursue mechanical engineering. After working in the supply chain vertical of a manufacturing industry, the objectives and challenges to realize an efficient supply practices such as to achieve efficient fulfillment of demand, optimized transportation and utilization, quality improvement, eliminate redundancies, and facilitate financial success was fascinating and stimulating at the same time and that fuels the desire to learn more about operations in detail. I firmly believe that pursing management in Operations will help me capitalize my strengths and interests and evolve as a corporate leader.

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 My short-term goal is to get a cross-functional perspective in different areas of specialization and also understand operations management extensively. My long-term goal is to become a part of senior level management actively involved in manufacturing operations and project management with functions as diverse as production planning, project execution, process improvement and warehouse management in a manufacturing industry preferably automobile industry.

Meticulous, dedication and motivation are the three main qualities I demonstrate in accomplishing my goals. Peers who learn with me can develop skills required to obtain diverse perspectives, discipline and remain buoyant. Summing up, I believe that I possess the knowledge and experience to go through the rigorous academic curriculum, great industry interaction and diverse student community which would provide me a perfect impetus towards my vision.