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As technology grew and became more efficient, large companies were able to collect more data on individuals. As time went on the cost of data storage became cheaper, companies were able to save more big data for a longer time. And as big data analysis tools started to become more powerful, it became profitable to save more. Today, almost anything and everything  is being saved by someone probably forever.Examples are all around us. Third party individuals are using cookies which allows large companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and many others to collect and use everything we do online on their sites and  to collect data on us wherever or whenever we are on the Internet. Stores credit cards allow merchants and smaller companies to track our most recent purchases. Facial recognition is giving other companies the opportunity to track your every move you make in your cell phone. Put together with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and other aerial surveillance the Internet will grow even more with surveillance, by many more corporations for a lot more detailed purposes.Now in my opinion I have seen the government make a scary jump going from using big data only in extreme life threatening cases to being used in a very broad way. Big data is used by our country to look after other countries. For example we are currently looking after the soviet government, Chinese diplomat, Now the warrant process used to limit what the government can look into on a specific individual but we have found loopholes in our own system and are able to gain more information than ever on ourselves and others As technology became a larger factor in everyday life and improved as the years went on, the government was able to institute a larger field of surveillance and expand which is hard to realize. Now, instead of watching one person, the NSA can watch over the “trickle down effect” from that one person which is a network of people not connected to the person they have under surveillance which they can use to bring down large groups like gangs and other drug related crimes. Relying on technology the NSA unfairly can watch anyone/any group of people using the Internet and phone networks.Governments have always used their power to piggyback on the larger companies surveillance techniques. Would you go through the trouble of developing your own surveillance programs? The answer is no you should just expand on all these big companies systems. In a recent study held we have learned that the NSA collects and gothers many emails without reason, along with instant messaging and social networking lists for millions of our own innocent internet users worldwide.But as very large corporations started collecting more detailed information on the people, governments wanting that data the corporations share what they have gathered, bullying these corporations for all their hard work and getting in the end what they wanted. Through National Security Letters and little to no reasoning, the FBI can look after all groups of people without having a reason or obtaining a warrant. Through secretive and under the table agreements, the NSA can watch over  the entire internet and telephone networks.