As cleansing soap daily. Don’t use bar soap or

As time goes on, your body starts to attack the
foreign contaminate in your pores with it’s white blood cells. The white stuff
you see on top of a pimple comes from everything breaking down inside the pore.
The white stuff called pus is composed of dead leukocytes, exuded plasma and
liquefied tissues cells. When you see this stuff you’ll also start to see
redness and swelling. That’s why it’s very important  to remembering to
clean your face, just like you clean and brush your teeth.

Types of pimples you can get:

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Whiteheads – pimples
under the surface of the skin.

Blackheads – pimples on
the surface of the skin with a black appearance.

Papules – small bumps
that are tender to the touch and pinkish in color.

Pustules – red pimples
at the base with white goo on top.

Nodules – large and
painful pimples deep in the skin and solid to the touch.

Cysts – deeply seeded
pimple, can be very painful, scaring can occur, filled with pus

The most common type of pimples you’ll encounter
are whiteheads, blackheads and your occasional pustule.

Some of the pimples can be caused by hormones,
pregnancy, birth control pills, menstruation cycles, medication, cosmetics,
heredity, foods and other things. In order for you to know how to get rid of
pimples effectively, you’ll need to know what causes them in the first place.
If you know how to get rid of them by eliminating the cause, you’ll eliminate
getting more.

Here are a few more ways you can learn how to
get rid of pimples.

The fist and most important step in how to get
rid of pimples is by living a healthy life style and continuously maintaining
that style. This is also known as pimple prevention. What you do today will
effect your skin tomorrow. Make sure you wash your hands and face with a gentle
cleansing soap daily. Don’t use bar soap or anything that’s too abrasive and
can harm your skin. After washing, let your face air dry or pat it dry with a clean
towel. Doing this twice per day will improve your chances of not getting
anymore pimples. If you already have pimples, this will help to limit
contracting more.

The second way in how to get rid of pimples is
by keeping your skin clean, try not to touch your face with dirty hands or let
dirty things touch your face. Make sure to sleep on a clean pillow and don’t
put on too much makeup that can clog up your pores. If you do put makeup on,
make sure you wash it off thoroughly.

Be patient when trying to eradicate pimples you
see, trying to remove them instantly by popping or squeezing them can hurt your
skin and cause scaring you’ll regret later. Popping and squeezing pimples can
even spread bacteria to other areas of the face, giving you even more.

Be sure to watch what you eat, eat healthy foods
such as fruits and vegetables and try not to eat too many sugary foods. Bad
habits like smoking, tanning, drinking too many sugary or caffeinated beverages
can have adverse effects on your skin.

Before you try all kinds of store based products
and medications, learn how to get rid of pimples naturally first, your skin
will thank you for it.

Not every product on the market that’s available
for purchase will work for you, same with medications that you’ll get from your
doctor. You have to try different things to see which treatment works for you,
everyones different. It’s also a good idea to look for products that will
preserve the integrity and moisture of your skin while still being able to
remove the pimple.

If your condition does not improve and you still
do not know how to get rid of pimples, see a dermatologist and discuss your
condition and treatment options with them. A dermatologist will help you find
an effective treatment to rid you of your acne.

Lastly, never give up, keep
looking at different methods and you’ll eventually find a solution that will
help you in eradicating most of your pimples