As be able to transfer money to someone else

As I’m sure many of you
who’ve accepted a team position, as well as old and new investors have noticed,
trade volume and market capacity for $JCOI has been gaining traction within the
past couple of weeks. We are happy to announce that development on the Jcoin Project
has officially reopened! As a new team taking on a previously discontinued
product, we are aware that many investors are fearful of whether their invested
funds are in good hands. Do not worry! We have a lot of exciting information to
relay to all of you that are making this project possible. We want to ensure
that there is full transparency within our company’s development and goals to
produce the best organic growth as possible within the coming future.

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To be able to transfer money to someone else
without having to use a bank significantly saves time and increases the speed
of international transfers. This facilitates international trade and makes it
cheaper. With the amount of fraud that is reported online, people are afraid to
shop and make payments on online stores using credit cards, especially for small,
low-cost articles. Cryptocurrency guarantees security due to funds being stored
securely, privately, and numerically which allows users to transfer funds around
the world at minimal cost. Cryptocurrencies offer high-level security and anonymity
without requiring a bank to participate, and Jcoin is part of the revolution.


Jcoin is a node to node compound digital currency that
contains 65% pure proof of stake reward, meaning that every twenty-four hours Jcoin
is held in your wallet and connected to our network, which in turn helps the overall
transaction speeds of the network increase, you are rewarded with a small sum of
Jcoin in return. The technology that allows this to be functional in the crypto
community is called a Masternode. This allows for togglable Tor transaction depending
on ones preference, combined with extremely fast and immediate transactions which
makes it viable for most to use.