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Arrival ListsThe FOMS knows the number and the names of the guests who expected to arrive on each day with the reservations.A suggestive figure of the walk in guests appear at controlled service propertiesAn arrival lists shows the guests with reservations who are ready to check in while the report time. An arrival lists trap the one , two or so many days but the FOMS is mostly inspired in the arrivals for one 24 hour time.Upselling RegistrationUpselling to hotel guests while they arrive at the hotel to check-in often holds the best opportunity to create more revenue for the hotel.A good incentive program for reservations and front office team offered by the hotel management helps to successfully motivate staff in up selling guest rooms.Always greet each guest with a smile in your voice as well as your face.Always Establish and maintain eye contact with the guest.Ask open ended questions to understand the guest needs and requirements, and make timely suggestions and offering alternatives with an upsell.   Payment Methods  An installment is the exchange of significant worth from one gathering, (for example, a man or organization) to another for merchandise, or benefits, or to satisfy a legitimate commitment. The most widely recognized methods for installment include utilization of cash, check, or charge, credit or bank exchanges. Installments may likewise take convoluted structures, for example, stock issues or the exchange of anything of significance worth or advantage to the gatheringsPayment CardAn installment card is a piece of an installment framework that empowers its proprietor (the cardholder) to influence an installment by electronic assets to exchange. There are various kinds of installment cards, the most widely recognized ones being charge cards and check cards.Direct BillAn immediate installment is a type of electronic bill installment for purchasers that enables them to pay their bills for administrations or items over the Internet through their banks. Coordinate installments ought to be mistaken for online bill installments, in any case, which are single exchanges.CashIn the hotels the guests also pay with cash .