ARPAN- my personal development in the multicultural environment.After completing


Right from my childhood, I have been self- reliant and this has given me a multidimensional outlook on life. It has led me to seek new experiences and also to pursue my dreams. However, I have now realized that in the intensely competitive world specialization is the key to success and just an undergraduate is not sufficient for meeting my goals and career objectives. I believe that a global exposure will widen my horizon and by meeting new people, discovering new techniques and learning a new culture will aid my career goals. I am now set on pursuing my master’s degree in Australia which will enrich me professionally and add to my personal development in the multicultural environment.After completing my schooling I took up Business Administration (BBA) and did my bachelor’s degree from the University of  Lucknow, India. This curriculum gave me a thorough knowledge of both managerial and administrative levels. The coursework helped me in channelizing my education and concretizing my career goal. I discovered my ability to deal with logistics and management.

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Educating young minds the right way is important and this has been one of my concern too, as that of my family, which comprises teachers and professors. It was almost natural that I joined my family in their missionary effort of running a school for children. This dream project of my family, which started with just a handful of children but has today turned into an institution imparting quality education.

It was a wonderful and great learning experience to put my coursework on a practical platter. I learned new techniques about how to tackle problems and find suitable solutions for them. My uncle, who is a veteran in the field of school management taught me with practical examples how to deal with ground issues. I feel blessed and enlightened, and cannot thank him enough for the hands-on experience which cannot be taught in any business institute. It made my belief that there can be no substitute for practical knowledge.

My work included checking the accounts daily, drafting and issuing advertisements for vacancies etc. I also updated myself on the full details of the logistics department. I learned how to handle Human resource because I arranged interviews with teachers who applied and the parents who came to admit their wards.

I am happy that by working at the school I could utilize my BBA degree practically and proud that I could help my family in looking after the managerial and logistics of the school. I am the only son in the family and I am happy I got a chance to help my parents in starting this great venture. Utilizing time management technique to the maximum I ensured that I could get time during this work to study and appear for competitive/government exams as well. While preparing for these exams I got the opportunity to study a whole new curriculum which was unique and diverse in itself. I studied subjects related to humanities, general sciences etc. This added to my knowledge bank and I learned of other subjects apart from business administration. I strongly believe that knowledge can be acquired from anywhere I feel that by appearing for these exams I did just that.  

Preparation for competitions made be realized that while every experience enriches you a simple bachelor’s degree is not enough and I need to do my masters to get a more deeper and focused outlook on the subject. Now that I have a thorough understanding of theoretical as well as hands-on experience of practical aspects of Business Administration I feel that I am prepared to begin the next step of my professional development, which is the pursuit of a master’s degree in the same discipline. I feel that it is important to build upon my previous training, hard work and education in a stimulating and invigorating atmosphere full of manifold viewpoints and diverse ideas. Gaining a master’s qualification in the same discipline would be ideal for meeting my educational goals.

Your school’s master’s program in marketing appears ideal for my career goals. I want to join this and pursue my specialization and learn more about it through the in-depth research which is part of the course. The marketing program offered by the renowned business school is definitely what I look to be a part of and like many students around the world, being part of this historic school would be a dream come true for me.
I feel that you’re deemed University offers the prerequisites I need to achieve my career goals. The experience, research, and training that I will acquire during the course of this program will help me to get a head start in my career. I feel confident that my background would help me make the most of your program and help me achieve my true potential. I look forward to being a worthy addition to your department.

I hope that this brief statement has given you an idea of my abilities, experience, and interests. I am confident that if I get an opportunity to be a part of the intellectually stimulating environment I’ve always yearned for, my talents will be put to optimal use. Coupled with the right education and the global exposure, I will be able to play a bigger part in returning to society. 

I look forward to an affirmative reply to my application and being a part of the elite student body next fall.