Apparel ? Bandwagon: when someone buys something because everyone

Apparel has become one of Humanity’s basic needs, meanwhile, fashion includes different influence of style, cultural evolution, and individual taste (Wilson, 2001). {1}

Fashion is linked with social, cultural, political and economic changes. The Focus of the Fashion industry is not just what the product is, it what it represents and how trendy the product is in the market.

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Ethical justification is Utilitarian (The highest benefit for the greatest number)

Libertarianism: an extreme laissez-faire(let it be) political philosophy advocating (Publicly supporting) only minimal state intervention ( To come in between) in the lives of citizens (Press, 2018).{2}

Capitalism:an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state (Private enterprise) (Press, 2018).{3}

Nowadays Consumerism has a huge impact on the Fashion and beauty industry.

Consumerism: The protection or promotion of the interests of consumers (Press, 2018). {4}

Most consumers purchase in a conspicuous consumption manner due to their hyper consumerism behaviour. This is mainly because individuals, especially women, shop emotionally.

Ads Techniques

?      Endorsement: used by Celebrities, it increase sales and market share,Attract more Attention of consumers, Celebrities add new values to brands (The rapper Cardi B Promoted Christian Louboutin High Heels in her new music video named “Bodak Yellow” The company’s sales boosted rapidly by 217% after the Song (Fishman, 2017). {5}

?      Testimonial: Using a well known person to share their feedback on a new product

?      Bandwagon: when someone buys something because everyone has it

?      Snob Appeal: Buying a product to be in a special group (wealthy)

?      Emotional appeal: ads create + or – emotions to the viewer

?      Hidden Fear: when they play with people’s insecurities (Eg Waist Trainers for fat women)

Nike uses cheap labor to Produce products meanwhile they sell it very expensive

Business Ethics: focuses on ethical issues that arise in the commercial realm (area)

The workers who make the sneakers did not know that Micheal Jordan earned millions of dolllars only by wearing what they Produce for a living. Moreover they did not know that one pair of sneakers is worth more than their monthly salary (Mydens, 1996). {6}

Agency Theory: Focus on returning profit to shareholders, Shareholders own and are the principals with the authority to manage the bus., Managers are delegated decision making authority therefore they are agents of shareholders. The fact that they are doing most of the work for the business just to generate more profit for the owners is questionable (because shareholders are not dirtying their hands meanwhile the agents are acting under orders to generate profit?)

Factors influencing Consumer behaviour

?      Social ( Household type, Reference Groups, Roles and Status)

?      Psychological (motivation, perception, learning, beliefs and attitudes, Personality)

?      Personal (age, occupation, education,economic Situation)

?      Cultural (culture, social class, tradition)

?      Environmental influences ( Economic, technological, political)

?      Marketing Programs (marketing objectives, strategy, mix)

Social Contract: A set of reciprocal understandings that Characterise the relationships between major institutions  Eg we can’t just cut off in front of a Que

? It changes as society starts to expect more of businesses in terms of ethical behaviour, social responsibility and the natural environment.

? we all operate within a shared understanding and we expect businesses to do that too

Businesses respect the fact that people want the most fashionable Clothings so they try and provide them their best work in return for their money therefore they can earn higher profits. (the invisible hand)

The invisible hand:If everyone behaves in their own selfish interest, a positive result for society will result (higher profits, greater satisfaction)