Apart product Oracle FLEXCUBE. It was a great learning

Apart from the above, in the course Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, we were introduced to Computer architecture and assembly language programming. Four courses of  Mathematics  covered a wide variety of advanced topics in Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Probability and Geometry. The coursework helped me build  the necessary foundation in Computer Science to excel in further studies. I also held the position of Assistant Secretary at Club Mathematica NIT Calicut, an academic club which has been successful in providing exposure in mathematics and logical reasoning for hundreds of school students by conducting various events. By the end of  B. Tech, I wanted to enhance my practical knowledge in the field of Computer Science and in order to achieve this, I joined IT industry. Working in a technology giant like Oracle gave me the tremendous opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies like Java, PL/SQL, SQL and JavaScript. I worked on development of loan origination, customer creation and term deposits modules of the core banking product Oracle FLEXCUBE. It was a great learning curve and in the process, I have not only achieved expertise in the above technologies but also augmented my familiarity with the concepts of  database systems, data structures and principles of object oriented programming. I honestly believe that this industrial experience can compensate for my lack of  a formal education in a few Computer Science topics. In the course Fuzzy Logic Systems, I studied in detail how valuable intelligence can be derived from the data and the applications of Fuzzy Logic in Intelligent systems. At that point, I learned that Artificial Intelligence is positively disrupting our everyday life and machine learning as a research area has remarkable scope. Fascinated, I teamed up with three others and built Optical Character Recognition software using Artificial Neural Networks on MATLAB. Using back propagation algorithm, we detected hand-written English characters and numbers successfully. Continuing the quest for enhancing my knowledge in machine learning, I enrolled and received certificate in Python for Data Science and Machine Learning boot camp online course from udemy. In this course, apart from learning basics of Python for data science, I also learned theory behind several supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement machine learning algorithms and their implementation in Python.My desire to pursue M.S. in CS is the outcome of my fruitful association with the field for a significant period rather than an epiphany. Whether it be an academic course or the ping pong game I developed for fun as a project for Interactive programming in python online course, I savored every moment of my affiliation with programming and computer science in general. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning opens up limitless opportunities to solve problems around us using technology. This potential paired with my profound interest motivates me to pursue research in this field and I believe that M.S. in CS is the most elegant way to realize my passion.After going through your curriculum and undergoing research in my field of interest, I believe that M.S. in Computer Science from UC Irvine can help me realize my goal of pursuing research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Particularly, prof x research work aligns with my research interest. After my M.S., I would like to continue my research in the same field by pursuing P.H.D. Even though I hail from Electrical and Electronics engineering back ground, I honestly believe that the knowledge gained through my academic coursework and the practical skills gained through academic projects, industry experience and other MOOC courses equips me with skill set that is required to fit into your competitive yet rewarding MS in CS program. I consider my diverse background as an asset rather than a disadvantage and I can confidently state I can bring in a unique value to the class room if given an admission in your reputed university.