Antony group of three men holding power, in particular

Antony and Cleopatra is a play written by William Shakespeare. William shakespeare is “widely considered the world’s greatest dramatist” (Shakespeare jokes) This play is a categorized as a tragedy. William Shakespeare had wrote this play sometime around 1607. It was most likely written in Westminster, London because around the time that the play was written, Shakespeare was there to see James I be performed at Whitehall Palace. Shakespeare is always at one of his plays so that’s why I say it was written in Westminster, London. After writing the play for about 16 years it was finally published in 1623. In Antony and Cleopatra, the main characters are of course Antony and Cleopatra but also Octavius Caesar, there are other characters throughout the play but those are the three main characters. The first character is Mark Antony, he is the lover of Cleopatra, and a member of the triumvirate. A triumvirate is “a group of three men holding power, in particular the unofficial coalition of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 BC and a coalition formed by Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian in 43 BC.”  Throughout the play Antony had a decision to be a ruler or to stay in Egypt to be with the lover of his life, Cleopatra, which he chooses to stay with her. The second character is Cleopatra, she is the queen of Egypt. Throughout the play Cleopatra tries to manipulate Antony. Also, if you think about it most of the queens or just women in general in Shakespeare’s plays are very manipulative. For example, Lady Macbeth, she had everyone doing her dirty work while she just came up with the ideas. The third character is Octavius Caesar and he is another member of the triumvirate. Caesar is the nephew of Julius Caesar. Other characters mentioned in Act 1 are Demetrius, Philo, Enobarbus, Charmian, Lepidus, Mardian, and Alexas. Demetrius and Philo are attendants of Antony and Cleopatra. Also Charmian is one of Cleopatra’s attendants. Lepidus is the third member of the triumvirate. Later in the story Lepidus is imprisoned by Octavius. Conflicts with characters in the story is that while Antony is gone Cleopatra is basically talking down on his name. Also she ends up falling in love with another person in the story. So once Antony comes back he wants nothing to do with Cleopatra. Until, the rumors that he hears about the love of her life committing suicide and that is what makes him want to kill himself. The whole mood of Antony and Cleopatra is suspenseful and rich. The tone of the story is more serious and severe. Throughout the story Antony is really torn between living in Egypt to be with his lover, Cleopatra, or to do his duties as a ruler.  His decision making starts a war between him and Octavius Caesar. Caesar makes Antony go back to Rome meanwhile he marries Antony’s sister Octavia. Once Antony returns, Cleopatra abandons him during the second battle and leaves him while he is suffering. Later on someone sends Antony the word that Cleopatra is dead. Then he attempts to kill himself until he hears that she is still alive then dies in her arms. It is really sad because he killed himself because she was dead but then it turns out she wasn’t even dead. So he killed himself for no reason. Throughout Act 1 of the play it introduces Cleopatra, Antony, the three messengers, Enobarbus, Charmian, Caesar, Lepidus, Mardian, and Alexas. A messenger comes to Antony but Antony doesn’t want anything to do with what the messenger has to say or anything about Rome. Cleopatra overhears what the messenger is saying and she tells Antony to meet up with the ambassadors. Antony replies with “Shame on you, stubborn Queen! Everything you do is attractive-scolding, laughing, crying-every emotion seems admirable when you express it. I won’t see any messengers but yours.” Antony is basically so in love with Cleopatra that he doesn’t want to leave her side or talk to his own messengers because he knows they’ll tell him news about Rome that he doesn’t want to hear. At this time Antony has a wife and her name is Fulvia. In scene 2, the third messenger comes in and tells Antony that she is dead. Now that she is dead Antony has to go and continue the business that Fulvia had started. So he tells Cleopatra, him and Enobarbus plan to depart. Antony approached Cleopatra with the news, and Cleopatra feels betrayed because she says “What, does your wife say you can come home? I wish she’d never let you come. Don’t let her say I kept you. I have no power over you. You belong to her.” So she fell in love with Antony and she’s thinking that he is gonna leave her to go back to be with his wife. By the end of the act Antony is back in Rome running Fulvia’s business while Cleopatra is still in Egypt. Right then and there that it was started the first conflict of the story. It was internal conflict and it was person vs. self aka Antony vs. himself. I say this because Antony has to choose between Rome or Cleopatra, which is something he has to decide with himself and make the right decision. This conflict is in the beginning of the play and this is when Antony and Cleopatra are not even married or together or anything but they are in love. So when Antony wants to decide to go back to Rome since his actual wife Fulvia dies, he needs to go back to Rome and take over the business. Another conflict in the story is when Cleopatra is talking to a messenger, the messenger is telling her that Antony is doing well. But Cleopatra is is constantly thinking that Antony is dead. She says “Anthony’s dead! If you say that, you bastard, you’ll kill your Queen. If you say he’s healthy and free, I’ll give you money and you may kiss my hand.” But the news that he messenger actually came to tell what that Antony is very friendly and well-knowing with Caesar. Also he comes to tell her that he is bound to Octavia. Meaning the favor of sleeping in her bed, and that he’s married to Octavia. Cleopatra’s reaction was not nice. She hits the messenger and drags him across the stage. She says ” If you say it isn’t true, I’ll give you a province and make you rich. The blows I gave you already will make up for already will make up for your upsetting me. And on top of that I’ll give you whatever you ask for.” The messenger exits because he is now scared of Cleopatra and what she is capable of doing to him. After the messenger reenters and comes to talk to Cleopatra she keeps yelling at the messenger for just telling the truth. You can tell that Cleopatra is so in love with Antony that she doesn’t wanna believe any bad news she hears about him or even hear any bad news at all. The climax of the play begins in Act III. This is when the second naval battle happens that involves Caesar. Antony had lost the battle and he is blaming this lost on the way Cleopatra betrayed him. She betrayed him by flirting with his messenger. After the war was a lost he wants to return back to Egypt to kill Cleopatra. During the resolution of the play was when Antony hears the news about Cleopatra committing suicide. Antony is so heart broken to the point where he wants to kill himself. After he hears about her killing herself he stabs him, bleeding to death. He wants himself to be with the love of his life. While Antony is sitting there slowly dying he hears that Cleopatra is actually still alive. So Cleopatra sits there and dies into Cleopatra’s arms peacefully. Later on after Antony’s death, Cleopatra killed herself. So it was basically a rollercoaster because it first started out with Cleopatra being “dead”, then not actually dead, Antony killing himself, then Cleopatra killing herself because of his death. Antony and Cleopatra is a tragedy genre. There are many Characteristics of a tragedy. In class our teacher described the characteristics a tragedy and they are when the main character starts out with high social status and ends at low, opens with a conflict such as a war, fight or death, it’s very supernatural, the imagery is depressing, there’s a serious character, someone usually goes insane, it’s suspenseful (which is the mood of the play), and it takes a long time to reach the climax of the story and then the action goes downhill quickly. I say this is a tragedy because in a tragedy things end bad for everyone in the story. For example, Antony was told that Cleopatra died to suicide so that made him kill himself but it turned out that she really didn’t and she was still alive then killed herself because he killed himself. Also another reason why Antony and Cleopatra is a tragedy because it opens with a car or fight, which in Antony and Cleopatra it begins with a war between Antony and Caesar.  Another example of why this is a tragedy is because if you ready the play, most of the events happen before the climax of the story and then as soon as the climax happens the resolution immediately happens. Like how Antony lost the battle and wanted to kill Cleopatra because of betraying him but then the resolution immediately happened because it comes to the rumors about Cleopatra being dead. While reading Antony and Cleopatra i discovered the play while reading it. In my opinion I feel like the theme of the play is choosing between love and yourself. I say this because Antony had to choose between being in love with Cleopatra or doing something for himself and doing his job as ruler and a member of the triumvirate and going back to takeover the business for Fulvia. Also another major theme of this play is betrayal. That’s why I chose the title “The Betrayal of Love” because it’s kind of explaining the climax of the story. Two people can be so in love yet betray each other at the same time just because or because they have to. Just because one betrays the other doesn’t mean that person doesn’t have love for them. Cleopatra was obviously mad in love with Antony because she killed herself over his death in the end but she still betrayed him because she’s a queen. Throughout the play there are important quotes that some of the characters say in the story that can show more expression in the story. When Cleopatra finds out that Antony wants to go take over Fulvia’s business she says: How could I have ever thought that you would be faithful and true, even though your vows of love shook the heavens themselves-you, who were unfaithful to Fulvia? It was wild insanity to believe promises made by the mouth and not the heart. Such false vows are broken as soon as they are spoken. (I.iii.27-31) This quote is very important because it reflects back onto the theme of the play choosing between yourself or love and also betrayal. Cleopatra is feeling betrayed and hurt because she just spent the time getting to know Antony and fell in love with him. This shows the decision theme for Antony because because he’s deciding to leave or stay with Cleopatra. What she is saying is that she should of never trusted him or ever thought he was faithful. Also she is saying that his vows with Fulvia mean nothing and that as soon as those words came out of his mouth they were broken by his unfaithfulness and him being not trustworthy. Another important quote in this play is said by Antony and its as he was slowly dying: Don’t mourn over this unhappy reversal of fortune at the end of my life. Remember my earlier lot, when I lived as the greatest, most noble prince in the world.I’m not dying shamefully, doffing my helmet to my countryman like a coward, but as a Roman, honorably conquered by Another Roman. Now i feel my soul leaving. I can’t speak any more. (IV.xv.52-60)This quote is very important to the play especially the resolution because it’s showing how much Antony loved Cleopatra and that he can own up to his cowardness.  Telling Cleopatra that not to dread over his death and just to remember the good memories of him. There are three interesting facts about the play Antony and Cleopatra. One of the interesting facts is that everyone knows Cleopatra is from Egypt and born there but she isn’t Egyptian. In the article, 10 Little-Known Facts About Cleopatra, it explains how Cleopatra was born in Egypt but not an Egyptian, “She traced her family origin to Macedonian Greece and Ptolemy I Soter, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Ptolemy took the reigns of Egypt after Alexander’s death in 323 B.C., and he launched a dynasty of Greek-speaking rulers that lasted for nearly three centuries. Despite not being ethnically Egyptian, Cleopatra embraced many of her country’s ancient customs and was the first member of the Ptolemaic line to learn the Egyptian language.”