Another raised in the permissive-indulgent are the most immature

Another least favorite, Permissive
parents, which can be broken down into two, permissive-indulgent/neglectful.
These types of parents do not enforce the few rules that they make and allow
their kids to control their own behavior and make decisions for themselves.
Children raised in the permissive-indulgent are the most immature and
dependent, yet their parents are warm and supportive. I think that by letting
them do what they want without restrictions, they feel they’re showing them
love which won’t work out too well in the end. On the other hand,
permissive-neglectful parents are exactly what they sound like. They lack
warmth and they’re not interested in or don’t support their child’s
development, so they let them do whatever they choose. This style brings about
drinking issues, poor school performance, and delinquent behavior. Nothing good
can come of this style.

I hate to admit it, but my mom was
authoritarian. If she would ask me to clean my room and I didn’t do it, I would
get physically punished. I have terrible memories of her and not too many good
ones. It’s true that people will only remember the bad in people and not the
good. I had a huge dislike for meat as a kid and I had to eat it because she
said so or else her colorful language would come out to greet me along with
physical punishment. My grandma ended up raising us because of her ways, they
were a combination of both permissive styles and sure enough, they show no
self-control, are immature, were horrible in school, delinquent behavior
throughout their lives, and drug-abuse as well.

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In conclusion, I do believe in the
effects of these parenting styles on children given that my brothers both
turned out the way they did. I, on the other hand, I don’t believe that my
grandparent’s permissive style affected me, but my mom’s authoritarian style
did; I was the oldest, so I experienced it longer than my brothers did, I think
that’s why. Through my adolescence until now, I appear to have less
self-confidence and self-reliance compared to others. I’m very unsure about my
decisions, more withdrawn than others (although, not as an adult) and still
very anxious about everything. In the end, I identify more with the
authoritative style because of the way I turned out to be, I wouldn’t want
those things for my daughter.