Analysis was a coconut sugar factory, it was a

Analysis :    In the past, In a day Hotel was a coconut sugar factory, it was a
parent business and after that they decided to renovate the factory to be a
hotel, but also would like to keep the same concept (figure
2.5). By keeping the factory’s
design, Inn A Day Hotel becomes unique and different from others hotel around the
area. In fact, the building ‘structure is not new, so they did not think about renovating
the hotel to be more modern or provide the hotel guests with high technology. Moreover,
another reason is because most of hotels in Bangkok like to make their hotel to
be a luxury one and try to provide a high technology to the guest, but this is
not the case for In a day Hotel, even if they are not luxury they are unique a different
from others and that is their alluring point. By using
social media, it can attract international guest and this is the first step to make
the hotel known by their unique characteristics. As
reported by (Moriah Miller, 2016) said
Facebook and Twitter Ads can be set up to be as
general or as specific as the advertiser needs them to be, making it a great
tool for hotels to engage with and grow their international audience. So, this would support In a day hotel a lot, it would bring lot
of guest to visit because of their background story and how its promoted on the
hotel website.










Figure 2.5 :
 lobby floor
(the hotel keeps the design of their coconut
sugar factory)

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It is
important for the independent hotel to be aware of branding as it creates a
kind of shorthand for your hotel in a customer’s mind. They don’t have to do the kind of
research they would for an unknown hotel, because they already know your
reputation, have a general idea of what you offer, know whether guests see you
positively or negatively, and much more. (Tayor
Smariga,2017)  Inn a day hotel is 100% unique
and independence hotel so they are different from another hotel chain by focusing
about how many bookings for tonight and how quickly to maintenance any part in
the hotel. To gain more customer and to know their brand
is to do the same thing as a big chain hotel such as offer an aspired or
loyalty reward program. A real opportunity for an
independence hotel is customizing experience for the guest and the hotel will be
able to make their guest feel more special than a big chain. In
addition, independence hotel also can crate much more authentic experience to
their guest.

us being a small independent resort, we are present, if guests have any
questions.” (Dan Taylor,2017) A logo
is a visual representation the hotel also refer as a mark and branding is the
key reason and way many people feel about the hotel. “A
brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service
or company. You can’t control the
process, but you can influence it.” (Jake Hoover).

4.d.d.   Opinion :
 We like the hotel design because it is unique and creative
also for renovating of the hotel, an idea to make it attract the people outside
by do not concern about high technology but they can make their guest feel
satisfied with the hotel.