An an orchardist and nurseryman.Johnny traveled within a lot

An overview on Johnny Appleseed is as follows: he is a folk legend based on a guy named John Chapman.  Johnny appleseed was the guy that set Apple trees throughout the American Midwest. John which is who wrote johnny appleseed is well known as Johnny Appleseed, was born september 26th, 1774, in Leominster Massachusetts. John Chapman was a very uncommon frontier nurseryman who set apple trees in the American Midwest. He became the main person of the folk legend Johnny Appleseed. Johnny is the the main characters of several stories, movies and art. The person that wrote johnny appleseed, John Chapman passed away on March 18, 1845 in the place Fort Wayne, Indiana. life of John more likely known as Johnny Appleseed witch was born born in a city named Leominster Massachusetts, on September 26, 1774. Johnny’s dad was in one of the battles eventually served in the Army under  George Washington. In July of 1776, while her significant other was at war, Elizabeth Chapman died during childbirth. Nathaniel Chapman got home and got a different significant other shortly after. John and his new significant other, Lucy Cooley, had a total of 10 children together.There is not very much known about Chapman’s early life. Johnny has traveled west to Ohio with his sibling first, meeting up with his family in 1805. It is most likely that Nathaniel Chapman, a farmer, made an impact on his son to become an orchardist, setting him up with a job in this area. In 1812, John Chapman was working independently as an orchardist and nurseryman.Johnny traveled within a lot of places, specifically to Pennsylvania and Ohio, pursuing his job. While the legend of Johnny Appleseed says that his tree planting was random there was a actually organized positioning of the trees. He wrote some books and returned, after some years, to distribute off the trees in the surrounding lands.The trees that Johnny planted had a lot of purposes, but they did not produce all edible fruit. The small, bad apple trees mostly yielded fruit that was used to produce juices. The trees he planted represented the main part of the creation of land claimed along the land. The effect johnny’s property was about 1,200 acres of  land when he passed away. I think johnny appleseed is considered a legend because he spread apple trees in different places. He was also known to be a man of faith and spread his beliefs of the Church of Swedenborg. He was a practicing vegetarian in his later years and also practice abstinence and believed he would be rewarded in heaven. He was somewhat of an interesting character who believed in some less than common ideals of the time. The fact that he was looked upon as a folk hero is interesting considering his main motivation was strategic and for profit. Also contrary to popular belief many of his harvests were used to produce alcohol rather than just apples. He no doubt had an impact on the american culture, but some might argue the intentions of his actions.