Americans that we live in the best country in

Americans Need to Respect the Importance of their CountryThe national anthem is typically played before any sporting event, concert, or fairs. Imagine walking into a stadium full of cheering fans; you’re excited for the big game to start. The game roughly starts in half an hour. As time winds down the usual routine is to honor all that have served and are currently serving. We will honor our country with the national anthem. It’s such a disrespectful thing not to stand when that song is being played or sang. I am very patriotic and I firmly believe that we live in the best country in the world. What really gets to me is when people think it’s okay to talk during a national anthem, to mess around during a national anthem, to be on their phones during a national anthem, or to sit during a national anthem. You know, I’ve seen this and I’ve heard people say “well I’m too tired to stand” and personally if it was me singing the national anthem I would stop the song and respond maturely with hi, sir in the back sitting on your phone, I don’t know if you know but the flag up there and the reason I’m singing this song, it’s not about me it’s about that flag and how that flag stands for your freedoms and your rights. Let me tell you something in case you didn’t know, your freedom yeah, it’s not free. You see.. There are men and women every day who leave their families, leave their homes, leave what they know and sometimes sacrifice their life just so you technically have the right to sit there and not stand, not participate, and not honor them. When I heard someone say that they were tired, I wish I would’ve said “Ya know, I’m sure you are but i’m sure those soldiers who are fighting every single day, I’m sure that they’re tired too. I bet their families are tired of waking up every morning knowing that they’re not there. I bet the families of those who have sacrificed everything are tired of knowing that their loved ones not gonna be home anymore, but yet you can’t take a minute and thirty seconds out of your day to stand out of honor and respect. It’s not about the person singing the national anthem, It’s their way of saying thank you. So I’m terribly sorry to those soldiers to those people who don’t give respect