Although our health they are starting to cause side

 Although some people believe GMOS are good for you i slightly disagree for a few reasons, to start off they are not very good for our health they are starting to cause side effects due to the fact they’re being mixed.  Also, Gmos can lead to gluten disorders and can also cause gluten allergies to become more common. In fact GMOS are bad because they harm the environment by creating super-weeds that are resistant to pesticides and herbicides.  GMOs have started to cause various side effects for many people by mixing genes from totally unrelated different species has caused unpredictable side effects which is not very good. The process of creating a GM plant can outcome into massive damage, which can lead to produce many new toxins, allergens, carcinogens and even nutritional deficiencies. Not only is it causing damage to the people but also to other living organisms such as animals GMOS or causing a lot of problems with the animals immune system. There is a gluten disorder that has been caused due to Gmos, this has effected over 18 million Americans according to the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT. Some of the effects connected are being gassy and bloated . This can lead to what is known as a celiac disease, this a serious autoimmune condition. Corn , cotton, sugar, etc. seem to be linked to 5 conditions that can either initiate or exacerbate gluten-related disorders. Modified seeds which are now connected to about 95% of soybeans and 90% of corn grown in the United States has showed that superweeds do more harm than good. Weeds are of one of agricultures bigger challenges the challenge gets bigger when weeds develop resistance to a particular herbicide. Over time the immune plants start to spread around and become more common. The modified crops can pass on their engineered tolerances to closely-related weeds growing by. The pairing of glyphosate with GMO crops has led to a steady increase in its use. Overall my evidence shows genetically modified organisms in our food has turned out to be not so healthy. Researches have proved there has been side effects due to the mix of genes. Also, addresses that gluten disorders and allergies are starting to become more and more common. GMOs are not only harming us but they’re also hurting the environment due to the fact that they are creating superweeds resistant to pesticides and herbicides. People should really avoid eating GMO foods to avoid problems to their health.