All people have significant things in their life. They

All people have significant things in their life. They try to value
them every day. What do you think? Do you have something important? What is
your most important thing in your life? I have many important things in my life
that I respect them. The three most important things in my life include:
healthy body, money, and my family.

The first important thing in my life is healthy body. First of all
we have to know what the meaning of healthy body is. Healthy body means not
having mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional problems. If I have health
body, I will be happy. If I have a good mind, I can think better and decide
logical. I can do my daily works and do my best in my job without any problem
when I have a strong body. In addition, I need to pay attention to my body. For
example, I need to have enough sleep that will help me to have more energy for
rest of the day. Also I need to have healthy diet. For instance, every day I
use vegetable and dairy product in my meals to have healthy body.

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The second important thing in my life is money. In my opinion, I will achieve to my goals with having enough money.
First of all, I can continue my education to high level and I can get the best
degree in my favorite major. As well as, I will buy a new brand car and elegant
house. As I said, with having healthy body as the first important thing, I can
work and earn a great income. By working I can make more money that contributes
to having peace, safety, respect, and more entertainment. Besides, I will save
money for future. When I get retired, I will use them in best way. Having a lot
of money is very important to me because I can help to charity organization and
it gives me a great feeling.


The last important thing in my life is my family. My definition of
my family is my parents, my husband, and my sibling. Help to family members is
the first important task, that everybody is responsible for that. As an
illustration, when I feel bad or my mind does not work to solve the problems,
my husband will help me in terrible situations. Moreover, I love my parents because they’ve helped me since I was a child.
They’ve helped me in any conditions and each level of my life. For example,
when I’m in a trouble with my husband or I need 
a financial aid , I can count on my nice parents,  and they will help me as soon as possible without
any expectation. I value my family because I can spend good hours with them.
For instance, my brothers and sisters make me happy. When I feel sad or I made
a mistake, I can talk with them and use their experiences. Talking to my family
helps me to make mistakes less. That is why my family is really important for

In the end, the values of
life are the things that most important to us in our life. There are many
things in the world that can be valued or worthless. Values can vary for each
person. My priorities are healthy body, money, and family that I support them.
As a suggestion, you can prioritize the important things in your life, write
down, and review them every day to become a main values in your life.