“All intelligence, breaks down into five categories. The first

“All learning has an emotional base”. This was said by the remarkable Greek philosopher, Plato. The quote refers to the idea that emotions are fundamental in the learning process. This is a basic principle of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the capability an individual has to identify and manage personal emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Usually, a person who has a high emotional intelligence can effectively express his or her emotions in an appropriate fashion. “EQ”, or emotional intelligence, breaks down into five categories. The first category is self-awareness, which the basic idea of EQ. It is the ability to recognize and comprehend emotions, as well as its effect upon others. Establishing an accurate self-awareness can create aligned thoughts and emotions between you and the world. The second category of emotional intelligence is self-regulation. This category is all about being able to control and your emotions. This is related to personal accountability. This is being able to embrace your actions. The third category of EQ is internal motivation. It is essential for both emotional intelligence and being a leader. Internal motivation helps us use our positive emotions to drive us to our objectives. A leader with high motivation, is aware of the certain requirements needed to accomplish their goal. This understanding aids them in making productive choices in their interactions with others. Empathy is the fourth category of EQ. A person with strong empathy can put themselves in another person’s shoes, and try to comprehend what a person is feeling. Empathy helps us reflect on the impact our actions have on people. The last category of emotional intelligence is social skills. These skills are essential in developing interpersonal relationships, and strengthening communication. A person with strong social skills helps others in a group or team be at their best.I believe that overall, I have a standard level of emotional intelligence. I think my motivational skills are average. At times, I can be “conceited”, meaning I am comfortable with who I am and where I am. This can make me stop at a project sooner than I should, forcing me to walk away from my fullest potential. However, my peers can always hold me accountable because I abhor letting others down. Therefore, I will always try my hardest to give people my best effort so that the goals are being reached. I have a moderate ability of understanding someone’s emotions and perspectives, but I can sometimes show a lack of interest in their life. Regardless of this, I can listen well and give others a sense of trust. This sense of trust allows me to adequately be a leader because the members usually have faith in my ideas and abilities. However, I prefer working alone because I think I am capable of accomplishing more without having to worry about other. This is irresponsible at times, and I should always try to work with others. This can further my social skills and bring new insight to a topic.Emotional intelligence is essential for everyone. It is important to have awareness of your emotional skills in order to be a better citizen.  A high emotional intelligence allows a person to be more engaged in life. They become both successful and happy in their relationships and career. All this is a result of better social skills, self-awareness, interpersonal motivation, empathy, and more. All of those skills are a result of emotional intelligence. When we talk about a person being more engaged in life, think about the people around you who are active participants in their world. They choose to be involved because they want to, not because they need to. They possess the skills of self-regulation, motivation, and being more socially advanced. These people want to make a change in their world, and they will gladly push themselves to reach their goal. They can control their emotions during times of frustration and difficulty. Their unique capacity as not just citizens, but leaders, makes them prosperous in their life. Emotional intelligence is a necessity everyone must own. Emotional intelligence is all about being able to identify and control your emotions, and the emotions of other people. The level of EQ a person possesses has a crucial impact on the people around them, as well as themselves. Self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy and social skills are all five components of emotional intelligence. Better relationships between yourself and others, better career, overcoming challenges, and a reduction in stress are all one of the many benefits of EQ. Having a strong understanding of the five basic component of emotional intelligence will lead any person on a path to success.