Alina fashion and art. His father started a retail

Alina Khan
Ms. Carney
Photography 1 Period 8
19 January 2017

Richard Avedon Report
Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer who was

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born on May 15, 1923 in New York City. He married Dorcas Marie Nowell in 944 and
divorced in 1949. He then married and has one child with Evelyn Franklin. Avedon had
a younger sister named Louise who suffered from psychiatric treatment. Avedon’s
parents influenced his love for fashion and art. His father started a retail business called
Avedon’s Fifth Avenue. His mother worked for a family owned dress manufacturing
business. In Avedon’s photographs, he captured moments full of emotion and
sometimes outdoor settings. However, by the end of the 1950’s he had turned away
from outdoor environment shootings and more toward studio photography using strobe

Avedon attended DeWitt Clinton High School in Bedford Park, Bronx. He
attended Columbia University for one year where he studied philosophy and poetry,
then dropped out an began his career as a photographer for Merchant Marines. Avedon
began shooting for magazines such as Vogue and Life , then became the chief
photographer for Harper’s Bazaar. Avedon proceeded to become the lead photographer
at Vogue . He shot for many big name companies such as Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace,
and Colgate toothpaste. Additionally, Avedon made many portraits of the Civil Right
Movement, civil right workers and politicians, and the Vietnam War. In 1964, around the

time one of Avedon’s high school classmates released a personal book called “Nothing
Personal”, Avedon created two sets of well known portraits of The Beatles.

One of Avedon’s primary interests was to capture the personality and passion in
a photograph. He also focused on 8×10 portraits of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe
and Andy Warhol. These portraits were identified by an individual looking squarely at
the camera, posed in front of a sheer white background. He would often ask
uncomfortable or psychologically probing questions in order to produce photos that
revealed aspects of a character’s personality that were not typically captured by others.
Avedon became the first photographer for The New Yorke r in 1992.

Avedon won many awards in his lifetime and left a legacy in his photographs.The
Richard Avedon foundation is a private operating foundation based in New York that is
the repository for Avedon’s work. Richard Avedon died on October 1, 2004 in San
Antonio, Texas. He was in San Antonio for a shooting assignment for The New Yorker.

I like this photograph because of the way Avedon used the
lady’s hair to capture attention in the photograph. This is a
good picture because of the angle of the shot.

I chose this picture because Marilyn Monroe is my
favorite celebrity he photographed. This picture is
good because he captured her emotion.

I chose this picture because
I found that the close up shot
highlights the value in the
photograph. It is considered
a “good” portrait because of
the detail and composition of
the picture.

I chose this picture because I like the lady’s
hair. This is a good picture because of the
angle of the shot.

I chose this picture because I found the
expression of the photo intriguing. This is a
good portrait because Avedon captured the
man’s emotion.