Albert they are a capsule to carry his discovers,

Albert Naltner


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DELPIANO English 9

Anthem Essay 3


In the anti-individualistic society which
takes place within the novella “Anthem” by Ayn Rand,
there are manuscripts which are just simple pieces of paper to me and to you,
but to Equality they are a capsule to carry his discovers, observations and his
individualistic ideas. To
begin manuscripts that Equality 7-2521 steals from the Home of the
Scholars are of great value to him to him because they are his only means of
recording his private thoughts in a society that disapproves anything
individual or separate from the whole. And because of his upbringing in such a society and the idea
that no though is accurate or authentic unless it is shared by the whole
drilled into him, his willingness to write down and take into account his
thoughts and ideas, and even to see them as valuable, quite clearly signifies
his first step in becoming an individual. In addition, the books he finds in his new forest
home are also important to him because they teach him the history of the old
world’s destruction and, most important, teach him the word “I.” Thus this discovery
brings to an end Equality 7-2521’s search for individual expression and allows
him to see himself as an individual separate from his society. Also it teaches him two
new forms of pleasure. First
reading as an activity that is solitary and allows him to find pleasure within
the word that he reads. Secondly,
in writing which allows him to speak his mind, but in such a way in which it is
only he who can hear his words. And with this it is clear that Equality 7-2521’s passion for
his manuscripts, shows a longstanding need to escape the watchful eye of the society
around him and to realize he is himself an individual capable of great feats. To reiterate the manuscripts,
symbolize capsules that hold within them the key to Equality 7-2521’s
transformation into a strong individual.