Agency do what we feel is better for us

Agency and Accountability Every day we are taking decisions, even for good or bad, meaning decisions or choosing things that will mark a new episode in our lives. But what demonstrate that we are doing a good job are the results to our decisions. We have the agency to do what we feel is better for us and we take responsibility for everything that covers and the results. Our Heavenly Father has given to us the ability to choose between the good and the bad. We can show our love and gratefulness for him by keeping the commandments and trying to be like our best example, his son Jesus Christ.  Every time we obey, we show that we are putting God first in our lives and in turn we access his divine help. Good decisions give us freedom, but why? If we choose to do the contrary to the laws of our country, the consequence will be the privatization of our freedom going to jail. And if we choose the contrary to the commandments, we will be prisoners of Satan, losing the privilege of the company of the Holy Spirit and being more prone to make more mistakes.  Members of the Church have an Obligation to Government The government is stablished for the benefit and wellness of men, with laws that guarantied the safe of the society. Throughout history we have seen how the Lord has blessed the rulers who fulfill their duty by protecting the rights of people. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we have an influence on society. Even we are Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Protestant we fulfill a fundamental role to maintain morality and virtue in our country. Without morality the rights can’t be preserved. Nowadays the society is taking as acceptable many conducts that are against to our principles as Latter-Day Saints. Even the contradictory philosophies of the world, is our duty to keep the faith and to wait that God will bless us for our diligently. One important thing I’ve learned is that the knowledge it’s the solution so that nobody acts on us imposing only their ideologies. That’s why is crucial to read and understand what is happening around us, to determinate how are we going to act before these situations and apply the correct principles that we have learned. We must keep informed of who are the candidates to govern and vote for those who are honest, and want to defend the morality and virtue of the people.  This does not mean that we are isolated from our society if they have different beliefs. We must participate in our community, being a light and sharing our beliefs that help others to feel inspired to do good wherever they are. We are also free to serve in the politics of our country to ensure the human rights of our brothers and the family. In my community, we carry out a service activity to paint the walls of the houses and people can live in a place that looks beautiful. Many members of the church exchanged service hours with people from the area who are not members. After that activity, several of the people who had been helped, attended the Church and began to have a greater interest in the beliefs of the Latter-day Saints. We cannot force people to change in a second, but we can be a positive influence by standing firm in keeping the commandments and serving others as our Savior did.  The United States as the “Proper Host Nation for the Restoration of the Gospel It’s no coincidence that the restauration occurred in the United States. The Book of Mormon plates were buried in the place where Joseph Smith will have born years later. The religion freedom after the Revolutionary War, were important facts for the restoration. The Mormons has to run away from America when the others religions start to think that they were dangerous because they were different. But the Lord knew that respectable characters were going to appear to improve the situation of the country. During that period of probation, citizens were preparing to be wiser in defending their rights to worship God as they wish. In the April 1898 general conference, President Wilford Woodruff said that the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence, were select spirits sent to the earth to accomplish one of the purposes of the Lord. Even after the ratification of the constitution of united states.