After University is ideal for what I would like

the completion of my undergraduate degree, my inclination towards bioprocessing
strengthened when I had the fortunate opportunity of being selected for the competitive
Biotech Industrial Training Programme 2016-17 at Praj Matrix – R&D Centre
(Division of Praj Industries Ltd.) Pune. The training was sponsored by the
Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. I worked under the guidance of Dr.
Yasmin Mirza. The emphasis of my individual project was to improve bacteriocin
production by inducing UV mutation in Bacillus
amyloliquefaciens. The training introduced me to the exciting nature of
working in an industrial-level research laboratory. Upon the completion of my
training I was absorbed by the company and I am currently working here as a Biotechnologist.
Praj is one of the most successful companies in India in the field of bio-based
technologies and engineering, a supplier of ethanol plants and provider of
sustainable solutions for bioenergy, bioproducts, breweries and industrial
wastewater treatment. I am currently working on the fermentative production of an
antimicrobial peptide (AMP), the company’s in-house product, produced from a
bacterial source. The AMP due to its significant antimicrobial activity against
pathogenic micro-organisms can be used in food preservation and health care

at some of the examples in the past, from the large scale production of bulk
products to small and controlled production of high value products, it is
evident that bioprocessing has entered major bio-based sectors and improved
them. Moreover, today the bioprocess industry is facing some bottlenecks that
gives a tremendous scope for research and innovation in this area. One common
bottleneck is experienced while expanding from pilot to manufacturing scale,
every step requires new controls for effective productivity. Another challenge
is to find new ways to increase productivity, reduce costs while still
ultimately developing new technologies that enhance human life. With a graduate
degree in this field I wish to expand the horizons of my skills so as to be
able to solve these challenging real world problems.

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accordance with my current research interests, I think that
the Biological & Agricultural Engineering Program with a major focus in
Bioprocessing & Bioproducts Engineering at Washington State University is
ideal for what I would like to study. I am particularly interested in working
in the Bioprocessing & Bioproducts Engineering Laboratory and the research
of Dr. Shulin Chen, Dr. Birgitte K. Ahring and Dr. Garcia-Pérez. Definitely, my
interest in this program is also substantiated by the university’s excellence
in Biological Systems Engineering research and collaboration. I am confident
that the program will augment my abilities to integrate my technical knowledge
with practical applications.

completing the graduate program, I hope to obtain a doctoral position at an
institute specifically examining bioprocess engineering and create effective
solutions to practical problems.  I then
hope to obtain a virtuous position in the industry, with an aim to develop
robust revenue-saving manufacturing processes for bioproducts beneficial to

put in a nutshell, I would regard my admission to Washington State University as
a matter of great honor. I am passionate to pursue this program with utmost