After tail having a decent bite out of the

After the drastic storm ended, I could heave a sigh of relief, to see the sun shining brightly revealing all of its beauty. I held my left palm on my forehead to protect me from the fierce rays of the sun. As I was walking down the shoreline, the most bewildered thoughts came rushing to my mind, I felt so crippled and numb, I was baffled the thought that I am stuck on an island!   However, I got distracted when I gazed down the glistening diamonds on the deep flat water. It looked though as if it were a gateway to heaven. The waves were causing heavy or rather loud throbs. The only thing I could think of was food, I want to sink my teeth into a lobster tail having a decent bite out of the white, tender, succulent and flavorful meat, give it a nice chew to allow its aroma to interplay with my tongue and then let it slide down my throat. However, I could only find various types of coconuts and few sea grapes, nevertheless, they didn’t look really appetising, they tasted really sour, however, the coconut water was really refreshing. I wanted to vanish my presence from the island. The decreasing temperature made my minuscule torso, squeeze tightly into a bulbous figure, mainly like an oversized football. A rather colossal but thin swirl of air hovered above me; almost thrusting against my hair. I saw multiple visions of everything around me, making me feel rather oblivious to my surrounding. I was desperate enough to go back home, my life had been a miserable journey whilst I was stuck between hard tides and tall, spiky trees.My conscience giving me convincing thoughts; I gradually build up the courage to erect myself upright. But, as soon as I stamp my feet on the floor, my feeble body plunges onto the floor with a thud. My eyes squinting against the glare from the sun right above me. I finally decided to build a small boat well not as big as Noah’s ark but it was sufficient enough. My instincts were telling me that the boat was going to fall apart because it looked crooked and it wasn’t strong enough however I tried to avoid it.  I gathered all the food I could find on the island (mainly coconuts and few sea grapes) and started to sail the boat, I was confident and had faith in God that I will reach home within no time or perhaps may even find a nearby ship for help until now…….There was a huge rainstorm, that struck almost past midnight. It was obnoxiously loud, it was almost like someone clashed two steel plates near my ears. My body still half drenched into the freezy water beneath me. The food I had huddled into a pile just by the side of the boat, drifted across my eyes. I was frightened and furious but I had no choice but to go back to the island with hunger. Thoughts came rushing to my head, I wish I was as powerful as Moses so I could have the ability to raise my staff so the ocean would just split into half.