After government can be responsible to secure the Internet.

the Obama-XI cyber agreement, there was a substantial decline in cyber
espionage to the public but further reports state otherwise.  This high-level policy has achieved success,
although alone it will not solve the cyber capabilities of the Chinese.  The agreement does not stop the government’s
intrusion into private firms, under the country’s cyber security law.  This law allows the Chinese government to
have a limited amount of access to all digital companies operating in China,
including those US based companies. One of the companies included is Google,
where they are subjected to regular security screenings to their software.
(Lowmaster, 17) 


is the follow the leader of Google, which launched more than a year after
Google according to Motley Fool “has been playing catch up ever since” (Vena,
17) Unlike Baidu, Google is continuously growing in revenue and looking for
ways to stay relevant giving the company exceptional growth prospects. Due to
this I believe China is not to interested in taking anything from Google, if it
wanted to it would have already done so.

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core problem is that no one in the government can be responsible to secure the
Internet.  Due to smartphones and social
media the amount of data available on the web is increasing, due to these
devices having more control in our lives. 
In order to help get a handle on cyber security states have begun taking
precautions funding cyber security programs, restricting public disclosure of
security information, improving government practices.  (NCSL, 17). The United States is taking the
cyber security threats very seriously, working diligently to improve the
Internet in order to keep everyone safe.


the answer is censorship? This could be the way the government can control cyber
crimes, buy monitoring all the Internet users activities. (Jacobson, 17) For
example, social media have begun censoring the content that is posted on the


this what the Internet will turn in to?