After a stop to her husband’s activities. Her troubles

After the death
of her father in 1547, his widow, Catherine Parr, took her to her household at Chelsea to take care of
her. This is also known as one of the darker chapters of Elizabeth’s life as she would have to live through the
terror of being sexually harassed. Catherine Parr married Thomas Seymour after
the death of Henry in relatively short time. It is reported that Thomas
Seymour, who was 40 at the time, would pay a          
visit to Elizabeth quite often during the night hours in their household. He
liked to ‘tickle and slap her on her buttocks.’ Catherine would sometimes
accompany him in harassing 14-year-old Elizabeth, rather than putting a stop to
her husband’s activities. Her troubles with Thomas Seymour did not end even
after she left in 1548. After Parr died, he intended to marry Elizabeth and
then become the governor of the King’s person. Luckily for her, Seymour’s
fetishes with young Tudor came to light and he was arrested. King ordered his
beheading to happen on 20 March 1549. (1) (2)  

1.1. Mary’s

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As it was mentioned before, after the death of
Henry VIII, his son, Edward took his place as a king. Unluckily for him, his
reign lasted only for 6 years as he died when he was 15. Edward’s will stated
that Lady Jane Grey shall become the new queen after him. She had strong
relations with the Tudor family, since she was the granddaughter of Mary Tudor,
who was a sister of Henry VIII. Her rule is not very well known and that is for
one simple reason. While Edward had spent 6 years on the throne, her reign
lasted only for 9 days. After her disposal, the half-sister Mary was declared
inherit the crown. On 3 August 1533, Mary arrived in London together with
Elizabeth. The
crowd was cheering and praising them both equally, though only Mary was about
to become the new ruler. The reason was that Mary was 37 and therefore there
weren’t many hopes for her to have a child, which meant that in a case of her
death, Elizabeth would become a new queen. Since Elizabeth’s birth, she has
always been hated by Mary. Firstly, it was because of Mary’s mother’s fate. She
was replaced by Anne Boleyn, mother of Elizabeth. Then there was the fact that
Mary became illegitimate with the birth of Elizabeth. To Mary’s surprise, Anne
was executed and king finally got his long-awaited successor, Edward. Either
way, Mary would manage to find a different reason, from which her hatred towards
Elizabeth could stem from. Like her mother, Mary was a devout Catholic and
Elizabeth has shown to be more of a Protestant. Mary?s efforts to force the Catholic
church out of England were not well received by many and as a result of that,
Wyatt?s rebellion broke out, which was pushed back and though Elizabeth did not
participate in it, she was sent off to the Tower of London, where she had spent
about 2 months. By the 6th of November, Elizabeth was declared to be
a rightful heir by Mary and became a new queen after her death on 17th November
1558. (1) (2)