Afghanistan system transparency, achieve the satisfaction of taxpayers and


Afghanistan  face with the
lack of human capacity in many organization in the arena of education and
potential especially in taxation and finance moreover, complex tax collecting
procedure cause to delay the process of tax collection, tax revenue  is one of the most important revenue of Afghanistan
 my extreme profession
goals to work in the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan  at a higher-ranking place as tax advisor in
the Afghanistan Revenue Department  and
finally bring obvious image for urgent and future improvement of this
Department. Furthermore, a large amount of the tax audit cases of many private
sectors in this department are found with very low output after closing and
completing such cases due to lack of expertise and increase in corruption. My
purpose in gaining a higher education in business administration especially in
taxation and finance, return to my country with the knowledge and world class
UK expertise which will help me in contributing toward  increasing the domestic revenue through
effective taxation procedure which gained in UK.

After completion
of master degree in business administration core focus in taxation and finance
I will be able to join and give support to my afghan colleagues in revenue
department, work hard, effective, efficient and transparent to increase in the
tax revenue through my skills and expertise.

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Taxpayers are
the main objects of this department but there isn’t exist proper and effective
customer services system to provide them good services ,several times only
about hundred Afghani taxpayers have debit from tax offices, taxpayers are inserting
to paid  hundred Afghani a soon as
possible to get clearness and renewal to proceed and improve their business
they spend more than two to three months on bureaucracy in tax offices it’s the
big headache for taxpayers and waste their time and money finally  they disappointed from such complex procedure
and it affect on their business as well, I committed on my return keep my full
consideration to facilitated and made it simple the world best services to
taxpayer and easy the procedure to pay their tax duties on very simple way .

The Afghanistan
Revenue Department (ARD) is the key organization which play vital rule in
economic growth of Afghanistan, I am keen to purse to precede my career for
long time in this organization to improve capacity and system transparency, achieve
the satisfaction of taxpayers and increase tax revenue it will be cause for
economic growth. Through my master degree will meet the all UK activities which
doing in Afghanistan. UK support Afghanistan to improve governance, services,
and economic growth and livelihood opportunities.

On my return, will be able to fight against
corruption and substitute international advisors who are hired by British
council, USAID and many other donors and working in strategic level to support
afghan government to improve in governance and rebuild the out of order system
of Afghanistan,

I have the strong positive self-image in the
area taxation and finance it will proper preparation for success in arena of
taxation to do for my beloved country