Advertising teach you what is good and what is

Advertising to children is the act of marketing or advertising products or services as defined by national legislation and advertising standards. Young children are increasingly the target of advertising and marketing because of the amount of money they send themselves. The influence they have on their parents spending and because of the money they will spend when they grow up.They are targeting children but shouldn’t they also target the parents since they are the ones that usually buys the product.Good~ They are good for the people that are doing the ad because they get more customers. It is also good sometimes good for the customer because they will be having a sale. Childrens sometimes know that ads are just trying to get their attention since they are young. It teaches them what’s bad and what is good. While you want what their selling your parents teach you what is good and what is bad and that their trying to get your attention. It’s good for the company/business because they are getting buyers. Bad~Ads are also bad because their product might be dangerous. It leads to parental stress since children want to buy what they’re selling they will bother their parents to buy them what they want, they will have to watch the same ads all over. Childrens are innocent and not so mature. When an advertisement pops out kids don’t know that they are trying to get them to buy their product. They are an easily target since their young.They use kids in their advertisement so other kids can buy the products since they want to be like other kids. I think it’s bad that they are trying to trick the kids.Group Work~Working with a group is easier than working by yourself because everybody gets task to do so it will be less work for one person. You also get to learn what abilities your group has just like a team. Group work is less responsibilities and you gain their trust.. It is just like a family because you depend on each other to get everything right. When you get older you will be forced to work with other people. If you don’t learn to work with someone at a young age you won’t be able to know how a group works since you did not experience it. Working in a group opens you up for more ideas. I learned that when the groups were presenting they were struggling because they wanted to state their opinion but they couldn’t because they were the teachers they don’t say what they think they just teach the topics to the class. I also saw that when a student/group has an opinion they argue to their opposing side why they think their idea is right. It is like if you were in a court, loud everybody arguing. The presenters/teachers ask you a question then you talk with your side about it then you get a presenter to come and talk about their idea and argue with the opposing side.When me and my group were presenting not everybody was participating some were not even listening, so it was hard to teach. When we did the rap battle some kids that were not participating came and wanted to participate and they were kinda confused but it did bring a lot of students to participate, but when they were rapping at least they got to learn something of child advertisements since that was the topic. It was out of control because some students wanted to interrupt each other so they could get their turn. I guess you’re going to have some students that won’t pay attention. Some students were getting off topic, so it was hard to get them back to the topic. Also when the students brought the presenters and they were talking about their idea, I learned something that I didn’t know. Now i know how teachers feel when there trying to teach or when there teaching.