Advertising does not require to spends lakhs and crores

Advertising plays the role of a catalyst in this economic development. Advertising makes the latest products and services attractive. In a bid to satisfy their wants and fulfill their desires the consumers have to work hard, gain employment or start business ventures resulting in economic growth for the country.In a diverse country like India, the repercussions are manifold. Let us take the examples of the mobiles and telecom industry. Computers was to make the big change in our country. But mobiles have skipped one generation and achieved that. The lowest of classes in our society operate a mobile-phone. They know how to operate a smart-phone, are aware of all the latest technologies. They have never been to school or college, no formal education but are tech-savy because of the mobile phones. Vegetables sellers, fruit vendors, taxi drivers, grocers etc. are all conducting their businesses on the phone.Advertising thus proves a challenge to such a sliced community. What strategy needs to be followed, which can be communicated to such a diverse society. The advertising message must appeal to all and induce them to buy products.Advertising is like cycling. You never know when you have learnt it. It just gets the balance. India is a diverse country. To appeal to design a communication message to appeal to Indians to ensure stratification in a sliced community.The concept of prime time 08.00 p.m. and 09.00 p.m. has also gone. There is no prime, time. Due to 24 hour access people can watch their favourite programmes at whatever time is convenient to them. Markets too can access their audiences 24×7.There are three big changes in Media.1. A business idea does not require any investment. The largest taxi services in the world UBER and OLA, do not own a single taxi. The largest service apartments in the world OYO rooms, do not own a single room and the biggest social media platform ‘Facebook’ has no content.2. One does not require to spends lakhs and crores to build a brand image Everyone, today is a brand by themselves. Because of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Hyke, every person can create a name for themselves. They can post their achievement, their laurels, the parties they attended, the events and create a brand image.3. Amitabh Bachchan has 21 million followers on Twitter and Shah Rukh has 20 million followers. For their forthcoming movie, they ask their followers to contribute Rs.1/- for each of their promotional song. If even half of the followers pay, the amount they would have made 10 million per song, more than their films have ever media made. That’s the power of social media.