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Adolf Hitler is a corruption of the German society. He has lied to you and used corrupt and open-ended language to convince you he’s good when he is truly evil. The speech he gave persuaded and allowed him to gain your support when he knew what he was saying was wrong. In order to convince you and keep his subordinates, he had to distribute his power to them. Adolf Hitler used propaganda, lies, and open-ended phrases to persuade Germans into following him.It is usually easy to tell when someone is lying or deceiving you. Hitler used propaganda to spread his lies and corruption all over Germany. Hitler treated you, the German people, as a group. Not as individuals. This creates bonds and connections making it easy for you to support and follow him. Hitler stated: “The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous”. This is from “Mein Kampf” the autobiography by Adolf Hitler. By saying your intelligence is small and your power of forgetting is enormous proves he is trying to deceive you. Hitler knew that when he gave speeches, he couldn’t treat you like individuals because people on their own are rational, smart, and can think for themselves. While as a group, you cannot think for yourself, unintelligent, and are easily persuaded.Hitler’s propaganda made Germany look like the best country and the most powerful country to be in. When there are pictures that show what Hitler wants to do, it makes you believe him more. All propaganda will make the person who its supporting look outstanding. Hitler would use his propaganda and truly make himself look good. When he gave his speeches, it made himself look even better to the public. Propaganda isn’t the only thing that Hitler used to trick the German population. He wanted to brainwash the population so he can remain in power. In order to do this, he created programs like the Hitler Youth program. He tricked children using positive propaganda. Making it seem like he was the greatest. Hitler realized that he couldn’t convince every adult through propaganda. But children have a clean slate so they can easily be manipulated. Hitler created a father figure look so he would be appealing to children. This meant he cared about them, loved them, and wanted to help their future, but in reality, he only wanted to help himself. German fathers were treated as leaders without question. So when Hitler portrayed this, it was easy for kids to be manipulated. Hitler said “The weak must be chiseled away. I want young men and women who can suffer pain. A young German must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp’s heel”. His youth was treated as adults soon to be soldiers. This made a ranking of children that Hitler used to motivate them to do better. Adolf Hitler is a very smart individual. He was able to brainwash an entire country into supporting his lies and evil ways. Everything he said and used was to trick Germany into believing in him. Hitler used the “either or” fallacy and it worked. He said, “either the German people annihilate the Jews or the Jews will enslave them”. This is a lie that Hitler told to win over Germany. It sounds like it could be true, but he knows it isn’t. Persuasion through lies is just wrong. Propaganda feeds lies and sells ideas that are most of the time false. He uses powerful words throughout his dictatorship, this makes him a powerful leader by letting him manipulate you. Propaganda isn’t the most deceiving way of advertising. Hitler made posters with happiness, smiling children, and bright images. If the truth were displayed, no-one would be convinced and brainwashed into his torture. I can see when an advertisement is lying. It is obvious. For example, Voodoo Donuts has the world’s best donuts. They cannot say that with any proof. It’s an open-ended statement. Hitler did that to an entire country, and it worked. His speeches and propaganda were powerful enough to gain the confidence of all Germans and German children. Adolf Hitler persuaded an entire country into believing what he was doing was for the best of the country, but in reality, he was lying because he hated the Jewish race. He uses tactics like propaganda, word usage, and lies to get his way.