Across they smoke and/or sell marijuana, in my opinion

Across the nation we have many drugs being sold or used illegally, one of the main drugs that people want to legalize is marijuana. Marijuana is the most used drug in America, because  people sell it for money and/or use it to be under the influence. Legalizing kush has pros but the cons are a huge concern for citizens it may increase criminal activity but most importantly the more use of the drug.”It significantly impairs bodily and mental functions…” (Stimson, Charles 1). Marijuana should not be legalized and instead eliminated from U.S. because the effects is most likely that the use of it increases.The history of marijuana goes all the way back to 500 B.C. for herbal medicine, in Central Asia and also was used for many other things. Such as textiles, rope, clothes, paper, and the seeds of the hemp were sometimes even food. Later on, an Irish doctor found that the extract of cannabis could help with stomach pain, vomiting, and/or people suffering from cholera. Marijuana was never meant to be grown for the reasoning of getting high or to be sold out in the streets illegally for money. This problem didn’t come around until the mid 20th century until now, which is why we speak of it to this day. Criminal rates are increasing, lot of raids on people’s houses, getting legalized in other states and internationally the cartel was formed. I always questioned people on why do they smoke and/or sell marijuana, in my opinion people do it just to do it or use it as a drug to escape from problems which they don’t want to face. Little do the users know that the fines can go up to $2,000 and possibly jail time especially if their underage which will look bad on your records. In my opinion weed shouldn’t be legalized because it may increase the amount of people who use it and possibly more crime. Following the increase of use it can lead to short and long term effects on their persons health which can include memory loss, not able to move physically, or mental disorders. Health should be the 1st main concern for anyone for any reason, whether ii being a small or big problem. The issue behind legalizing marijuana is that many people could start using it more and it will be easier to be in reach with the drug than what it is already. The whole nation will be affected,by this economically, socially, and physically, for the reason that there is more of the product to use, sell and buy. People don’t realize legalizing cannabis can help underage kids attend to easy access to get high and possibly money from selling. However, there are many great reasons on why we should have it legalized in every state across our nation to include medical reasons, more job opportunities and help out the economy. Medical marijuana can be used to treat people with cancer, and during rehab assignments, although the cannabis is very hard to study. Its “classified marijuana as a schedule 1 drug — meaning it has a high potential for abuse and no legitimate therapeutic uses — it is exceptionally difficult to do high-quality studies on its medicinal effects”(Zimmermann, Kim Ann 1). The way “Medical marijuana is available in several different forms. It can be smoked, vaporized, ingested in a pill form or an edible version can be added to foods such as brownies, cookies and chocolate bars.” (Zimmerman, Kim Ann 1).