According writer. Others will translate it the way they

According to Johnson, Steven.” Everything Bad is Good for
You”. There is a lot of information that Johnson have mentioned. Based on that
information he provides, he also supports his argument by giving examples. Game
scholar James Paul Gee breaks probing down into four-part process, which he
calls the probe, hypothesize, reprobe, rethink cycle.

video games
don’t have a set of rules – we have to probe, which is a form of the scientific
method, in order to understand the game, its characters, and the game world’s
physics. In probe, the player must examine the
virtual world. It requires looking around the current environment, clicking on something,
or engaging is a certain action. Based on reflection
while probing and afterward, the player must form a hypothesis about what
something, it could be a text, object, artifact, event, or action. It could be
useful in situated way, then the player reprobes the world with that hypothesis
in mind, seeing what effect as feedback from the world and accepts or rethinks
his or her original hypothesis.

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Based on this study if we must compare reading vs video
games if the purpose of both is to learn the most. We need to define learning
what? Learning what is the book about, learning what is the game about or been
the most strategist to defeat the challenges in our personal life and lead our success?

According to this reading anyone can write a book but he or
she write what they know only. A person who reads have different way of
translating. Example male and female have different brain structure and it is
natural. It is true that a book is only clear for the writer. Others will
translate it the way they want to. It is obvious those people would not have
the same understanding as the book writer. When it comes to video game
perspective no matter where they are they will understand the game equally.
Playing video games make you challenge yourself like what is the next? What do
I have to do to pass this level. It leads you to make your own choices. Which
make you the better of you the most. In video game, we have to solve the
problem to go to the next task. If we do not know what is going on, we have to
learn how to solve it. We don’t want to die. We want to win, we have a goal to

When we play video game our brain engages multi-dimensional
world fillers, the full range of the sensory and motor cortices.  Moving
images, controlling and navigation, having fun and have strong social
relationship, building and exploring world together. While we are reading very
small portion, our brain works the rest thinking about something else, in terms
of social relationship, books isolated you from human interaction, you need a very
quiet place.  

We need
to think what we really get from reading? We get information. What do we do
with this information? We can’t just store it in our brain. We must have to do
something with it, our brain must have processed. That’s why playing video game
can expand our brain. It let us see multi dimensional view then the information
can be used not only exactly what the book said but we add some creativity into
it. we get a reward from overcoming the obstacles. Also; video games help us
learn things while having some fun like achieving rewards. Example: algebra class
kids won’t use it in life, so they don’t pay attention, but they can learn the same
things through video games. Video games allow us to practice making choices.