According to records, George Washington Carver was born on

to records, George Washington Carver was born on between 1864-1865 and died on
1943, on a farm in Newton Country. He was born into slavery and went on to
become a botanist. He then became one of the many famous scientists and
inventors in history.

mother name was Mary Carver and was owned by a slave owner by the name of Susan
Carver. His father, Giles Carver, was also a slave on a farm close by and died
before George was born. George and his mother were kidnapped from the farm when
George was just a few years old by a bunch of outlaws. These band of men wanted
to sell them both another buyer. George was found and token back to the farm
while his mother wasn’t.

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the Civil War in Missouri, slavery was abolished. Then George work on researching
all types of plant biology. They were mostly involved in finding new uses for
crops like soybeans, peanut butter, and peanuts. George had made hundreds of products
and 300 from peanuts. George inventions helped sharecroppers in the south when
the fields were exhausted from overproduction.

is a popluar belief that George was the creator of peanut butter. This is not a
common false assumption. George had researched new uses for peanut butter but
was not the creator of peanut butter. A lot of people call him “The Peanut Man”
after one of his speeches before the Peanut Growers Association in 1920. A year
after his speech, George testified before congress in support of a tariff on
imported peanut.

was also known as the young “plant doctor”. He had always found an interest in
nature. George had very poor health so he didn’t do many demanding types of
slave jobs such as lifting and carrying items. This gave George the opportunity
to study plants of all kinds. Soon his talent grew to make him who he is and
had helped people even during his lack of being able to read or even hearing of
botany (the study of plants.).

believed that peanuts could fight polio. Polio is short for poliomyelitis and
destroys nerve cells in the spinal cord. Poliomyelitis often resulted in
leaving victims with weakened muscles or even paralyzed limbs. He believed that
the oil of peanuts could restore some lost functions.

 George reported great results of the peanut
oil massaging treatment which others agreed that it had indeed help. However, despite
the improvement reports that carver had claimed and witnessed, there was never
any real scientific evident that the peanut oil had worked in helping their
victims. Scientism believes that patients benefited from the massage itself and
not the peanut oil.

never wrote details of his creations. He never felt the need to. Carver was
asked for a list of the peanut products that he’d developed. He wrote in reply,
“There are more than 300 of them. I do not attempt to keep a list, as a
list today would not be the same tomorrow, if I am allowed to work on that
particular product. To keep a list would also give the Institute a great deal
of trouble, as people would write wanting to know why one list differs from
another. For this reason we have stopped sending out lists.” 1937.

was a very caring man who cared about people more than money. He always tried
to find solutions to everyday problems. He will forever be known as “The Peanut