Accident his work. As he is without proper training,

considered for this analysis was a fall from high scaffolding in a building
construction site. A worker fell from the scaffolding while he was working at
height which was ended as a fatal incident.

For this accident analysis, both human factors theory and
systems theory are used.

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Analysis using human
factors theory

For accident investigation and analysis, human factors theory
is widely used and it consists of 3 areas namely Overload, Inappropriate
response and inappropriate activities.

Analysis with Overload:

The worker fell from the scaffolding because he lost his
balance while working. It can be assumed that worker was tired with over
working without proper rest. Other than that, the site condition was so noisy
and with distractions which he couldn’t concentrate on his work and safety
criteria properly. All these pressure and stress of the over worked person led
to a fatal accident. But he could avoid this accident by communicating his
distractions to the supervisor or managerial staff.

Also this accident was occurred in the afternoon. It is known
that majority of the construction site accidents occur in the second shift of
the day. This can be due to the fact that workers are less cautious towards the
end of the day. With proper involvement from the safety supervisor or safety
manager could avoid the accident by properly communicating the required safety
precautions while working at heights.


Although he received safety instructions before he started
his working at height, he has neglected all the precautions. This accident
could have avoided if he used appropriate safety belts for working at height. Though
he knew the potential hazards of working at heights, he has neglected the
safety precautions. If he followed necessary safety precautions for working at
height, this fatal accident could have avoided.


The worker who faced with this accident does not have proper
training for safety work at heights. Instead, he only received the instructions
on working at height before he started his work. As he is without proper
training, the misjudging of possible hazards on site may lead to this accident .If
he had specific training for the working on heights, he could have avoid the
fatal situation.


Analysis with systems theory.

At the time of this accident, the work was supervised by an
incompetent individual. No safety measures were taken at the workplace while
the workers were working at height. If the site is supervised by a competent
person and if he followed the necessary safety precautions, this accident could
have avoided.

Also there were no platforms or safety nets were erected
while workers were working at heights.

Safety belts were not used making it a cause of a workplace
accident. The working environment was not according to the safety standards
which could lead for an accident.


To make the construction site a safe working place, it should
have a safety system consisting of personal fall arrest system which could
break the fall. Fall prevention training should include into the working system
of the project to avoid such accidents. A competent person with necessary
training, education and skills should inspect the site for possible hazards and
risks before starting any activity on the construction site. This competent
person also should have authority to take preventive measures if he found any
possible hazards.