Abstract: positive im- pacts that foreign investment may be


the aim of this analysis paper is to analyse the impact of
foreign direct investment on economic process of Pakistan. the information see
this analysis is from 1980 to 2013.There variables were INF, FDI and value .GDP
depends variable and FDI and INF is variable quantity. Regression and
correlation technique may be a applied math tool that is employed to inform the
relation and impact of passionate about freelance variables. The Finding of
this analysis shows that there’s positive relation between value and FDI .There
is negative relationship between value and INF. The analysis indicates that FDI
increase the economic process of county. creater|important person|influential
person|personage} ought to make such policy that assault FDI in Pakistan.
Keywords: Gross Domestic Product, Inflation and Foreign Direct Investment: Government
ought to take sol- id steps so as to extend FDI, exports and domestic
investment and shield industries that may profit the country’s financial
condition. Government ought to take measures so as to stabilize the rate of
exchange which will attract a lot of investors for sake of upper profits.
Higher FDI inflows in turns fetch a lot of educated labour and replace the
obsolete technology.

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Relationship between 2 factors Foreign Direct Investment and
economic process may be a debateable topic among economic expert….from each
empirical and theoretical perspective. completely different studies are
disbursed on finding the present and relation among variables. Economic models
square measure style to explore the dependency of 1 variable on different
variables. For the host country 
functioning of FDI advises its beneficiary image and positive im- pacts
that foreign investment may be a very important supply of capital, enhances
domestic personal investment, and is including new job opportunities, data
sharing, competiton and improvement of technology transfer (obsolete the
previous one) that reinforces overall economic process in host countries. Foreign
Direct Investment is a world capi- tal flow within which one country firm
produce a subsidi- ary in another country. It involves the acquisition rights
and transfer of resources in host country. FDI and economic process square
measure treated as endogenous variables and square measure causes of every
different and that they have endogenous relationship. economic process is
driven by the continued openness of trade policies and FDI further because the
growth of international pro-duction is laid low with economic and technological
forces. Trade easement has provided associate opportunity to developing
countries for quicker economic process through trade and investment. FDI
provides access to resources required by developing countries like technology, capital,
access to the markets, en- trepreneurial talents, social control skills etc. Economic
performance and functioning depends upon various factors like debt, inflation,
trade  and domestic investment.
Technological transfer, job creation, enlarged competition will ends up in
attracting a lot of FDI inflows in West Pakistan and issue of saving and
investment distinction magnitude relation is bridged by this chance. Engine of
Growth is usually brought up the International trade. Export volume in trade
economy will increase the demand of native prod- ucts in outside world as a
result native industries establish on giant scale. FDI is that the quantity of
share in host country economy and political stability that is most
influential  issue play a significant
role in increasing the share or flow of cash. A lot of studies have already
been done on impact of GDP and FDI however still some variables square measure
neglected. This study investigates that the FDI isn’t solely the one issue for
enhancing the per capita GDP for Econom- ic Growth however the trade openness
appears completely touching the expansion phenomena. Trade openness not solely
talks concerning import and export however throwing lightweight on government
policies and rules for free of charge trade. This study seeks to find the
results of planned virtues of FDI hold for West Pakistan’s economy growth and
additionally highlights the FDI con- tribution in Pakistan economy over the
years. Foreign Direct investment has on the foremost far-famed supply of
obtaining investment from different countries. the employment of this reserve
has major aspects of construction assets in developing countries. The role of
foreign direct investment has been contemplate wide as a growth enhancing think
about the developing Khan ( 2007) countries. FDI is measured as major structure
of manufacture in scene of technological progress, state reduction, talent
improvement, market competition and nice outflow of exports. The attainable
compensation of FDI is its use the native raw material; introduce the technique
of administration and advertising. Simplicity the correct to use of recent
technology. the most important blessings of FDI ar to try and do not pay off
principal and interest quantity. History tells U.S. that FDI in Pakistan is a
lot of in despotism as compare to civilian Governments. this can be as a result
of Foreign has a lot of trust on despotism as compare to civilian Government.
The Previous done studies on this subject “Impact of Foreign Direct Investment
on Pakistan economy” .For example Farkas (2012) result show that there’s
positive relationship between Foreign Direct Investment on Pakistan economy.
Hameed and Bashir (2012) show U.S. that FDI lead toward economic process during
this analysis i would like to review the impact of FDI on economic process of
Pakistan from1980 to 2013. For this analysis my variables were foreign direct
investment, Inflation and Gross domestic product .The other a part of this
analysis paper is planned as follow. Literature read is mention at section two,
methodology is in section three and four section tells U.S. concerning
information analysis and empirical result’s given and section half dozen embody
conclusion. The boarder space of this study is to research the value and
different factors of economy that have an effect on Foreign Direct Investment?