Abstract: no side effects in it. While other chemicals



Sweet potato contains a major factor of
cure for autism.

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As sweet potato is itself a natural product
with lot of qualities with mainly no side effects in it. While other chemicals
are used there to only suppress the effective rate of disease but not totally
curing it. But as we have find a lot of nutritional quality and aspect from
sweet potato which may be able to overcome with this psychological disease
(Autism) caused to the children. Since there was no cure is to be known for
this mental illness but on the basis of autism symptoms and the nutritional
value contain by the sweet potato seems to overcome the problem and helps a
person to be mentally and physically healthy to sustain their life normally by
socially interacting with each other and removing that developmental milestone.

As autistic people have no ability to
interact with people or solve the toughest problems. As it also seems to be
find that they contain a large number of Neurons in their brain that comparison
to the normal people, which is generally to be studied that the, “intelligence
of a person mainly depends on the number of neutrons present in them”.

As more the number of neuron production
occur from mature nerve cell in Hippocampus and olfactory lobe from the
cerebral cortex. More the intelligence the person is. Thus, we have to only
enhance the properties or qualities which are not able to shown through this
illness and make them as able as they interact and socialise easily without any
doses of depressant.





Chronic inflammation

Neuro-development disorder

Developmental milestone




Sweet Potato:

Sweet potato  (Ipomoea
batatas) also a variety of Solanum
tuberosum. But differ  alot in
its advantageous factors if it is consumed with its skin also.

As sweet potato contains some very enriched
substance which proved as a new way of life for Autistics.

As Ipomoea
batatas have ability to resist Chronic inflammation, Mental illness and
act as Good neurotransmitter and helpful for learning and memory of the brain.



Contain Choline.

 Contain vitamin B6,B1,B12.

Contain vitamin K.

Sweet potatao also contain choline work as
a important neurotransmitter agent which plays a major role in Muscle movement, Enhancement of sleep and memory and ability of learning is also
gained from this agent which is generally found in sweet potato only.

Sweet potato is not only famous for
choline. It also have a lot of distinct properties which found very useful for
different types of diseases such as;

type-2 diabetes,

High blood pressure




helpful or prevent constipation

In fertility



Regulate cholesterol level

prostate health, etc.

other problems can also be protected through a single 80-100 gm of whole sweet
potato is consumed with its skin which provide fibre, vitamins, proteins,
carbohydrate and many nutritional values and also helpful in skin complexion.

batatas generally known as  sweet potato of family convolvulaceae have
edible storage of food in it. Sweet potato have branching leaves, creeping
through the walls and have attractive heart shaped large sized leaves. In this,
there leaves can also known to be eaten.

The plant has enlarged roots tubers which
acts as an energy storage of plants.

Tubers have distinct shape and structure
with different colour with them such as Red, Yellow, Brown, White or Purple.

Sweet potato generally originated from
CENTRAL ASIA. Mainly Europe is large importer of it from USA. Growth of sweet
potato is good in tropical and sub-tropical region as they are not easily able
to survive in cold weather.

Best result of crop are got at temperature
more than 25°C (77°F) in
loamy soil should have a pH 5.6 – 6.6.

As it require
large space to grow and large amount of solar energy and water in it but also
are able to perform well in poor soil conditions.

Thus it is be
known as the 7th most important food crop in world after wheat,
rice, maize, potato, Harley and  2nd
largest root crop after potato in whole world.

As it provide many health benefits for
million of people.

Variety of Sweet Potato:


As if we say about the variety of sweet
potatoes, so there are large variety of it with very minor differences in it
.As have generally same nutritional values in it but as there are 400 varieties
of sweet potato is found around the central asia. So there are major variety of
sweet potato which generally contains alot more nutrition than others.

Hannah Sweet Potato: 

Skin is generally smooth and
cream in colour.

Flesh is also similarly as skin
of cream and whitish colour.

As Hannah sweet patato are very
soft and sweet in taste.

Japanese Sweet Potato:

Skin is generally smooth and
purple in colour.

And are more rounded in

Have white flesh.

Have sweet and soft in taste.

Jewel Sweet Potato:

Skin is generally orange/copper
and flesh is deep orange.

Mild/Light sweet in taste.

Generally have similar
morphology with garnets.


Stokes purple sweet

Skin and its flesh is generally
dark purple in colour.

Generally dry from inside and
not very much swee in taste.

No fat and cholesterol is found
in it.

But low amount of vitamin
A&C found in it.

Antioxidants are mainly present
in this variety.



Dark red in colour

Flesh is generally orangish
similar to Jewel sweet potato.

It is very soft from inside and
light sweet in taste.

No fat and cholesterol is found
in it.

A very high amount of vitamin A
is present in it.

Suitable for autistics.

Problem Solving




 & Communication

As autism is a



 disorder. In which a child

 of generally till the age of

2-3 years is signified with it

which shows improper

 social interactions

with  other peoples.

Developmental Milestones


They generally not able to adapt the social
environment with themselves easily. This lack of interactions with other not
helpful them to develop social behaviour or communication skills. They
generally like their life with themselves they do not want others interference
in their own world. They interact with themselves only that’s why their
language is improper to be spoken not use definite words to speak. Take some
more time than the normal people to say their words and behaviour is mostly
repetitive to be used as they are not able to understand the meaning but repeat
the sentences which are used infront of them and also forget them easily.

Thus creates a developmental milestone for
their growth and for their future. When socialising with people to interact and
language and communication with other is not going easily as to be done or
nearly fails. Thus results in autism.

This is due to the fact that Autism affects
the information processing of the Brain which result in neuro-developmental disorder but not a mental disorder.



Autism is a disorder which is generally
works on many different type of aspects of cofactors which severely a cause of
autism. And by taking these aspects of autism it may be possible that we can
prevent the autism or can be cured.


In this disorder the cerebral cortex is majorly affected which is mainly describe
to be as the key part of our body to play major acts of controlling ourselves.

It is the way to pay attention to concentrate,
to memorise something to easily
communicate with each other and to provide a state of being aware and
responsive to one’s surrounding and able to self analyse on their words and
actions. But in this disorder the connection between the nerve cells and
synapse is loose or said to be improper.

Thus the main reason to be said for the
cause of autism is the impaired connection between the nerve cells and synapse.
As cerebral cortex contain 90% of neurons. Generally more than number of neuron
from a normal person or healthy person. But the main cause of to be said is
improper connection through cortex which weakens the vision property. As
cerebral cortex  is a main state in which
all neurons are reside or connect with different functions of the brain.

As cerebral cortex is to be known as the
conscious part of our brain , which is mainly affected in autism  and become weak. As it does not able to
provide the flexibility to the neurons due to which the main instruction from
the brain is not transmitted and body is not able to identify the different
body functions to be done at a time.


Factors affecting at time of

Autism generally known to occur due to some
genetic and environmental factors which affect mainly during the time of pregnancy
of Ist trimester.

At time of pregnancy mother should have to
avoid many risk factors with herself and have to follow required preventions. Such
as at the time of pregnancy , mother is not taking any type of drugs. No
consumption of alcohalics. Not a smoking is allowed and no way for any type of
stress and nothing that type of thing is allowed which harms the mother’s body
as it also affects the baby inside the wombs. So that’s why a mother should
have to show many carefulness towards their child for their total physical and
mental development of body. So for that proper sleep should be regulated with
only proper and healthy diet of foods which is free from all kind of tension  and stress because it cause a negative impact
on body which is mostly possible as a co-factor for cause of autism.


Factors affecting due to Low

It is now to be studied that the Low
Serotonin uptake or the decrease in level of serotonin is also a very greatest
factor which leads to the cause of autism.

If the serotonin factors in a body is
controlled. So it is also be able to control from autism.

As generally not known but SSRI elements
play a very significant role in maintaining and regulating a normal body
functions. Serotonin manufactures in stomach
and intestine.

SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
which contains Amino acids, Vitamin B and many important components.

*   As Amino acids in it play a very
important role to perform the normal functioning of life. As it contains




Which are used in biosynthesis of Serotonin
and Dopamine.

As they also play a very keen role in body.
As serotonin is said to be a main instructor of mood function. It helps to
leads a Normal mood function for a normal life as it removes the depression or
any kind of improper functioning of mood by binding the neuron in the synapse.

As it show the binding of neuron is synapse
is very necessary functions for mood synchronization.

Whereas Vitamin B also play a vast role in this context.

As it is generally used for converting the
intake food into energy to provide function to the body.

While vitamin B also contain difference
parts in it.  As vitamin B1 (Pyridoxine)
and vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamine).

As vitamin
B6 is mainly used in
Bio-synthesis of outer covering (mylenin sheath) of nerve cells which leads
to improve in mood function.

And vitamion
B12 is helpful for improving the concentration of brain and memory. And also helpful
to cope out or overcome from the loss of memory.

Thus vitamin B12 is extremely a good
synthesizer towards health of the brain. It plays a major role to make a proper
good and a healthy functioning of a brain.

With all this vitamins another very
important chemical is also there named Glutamate which is the most important
factor used for autism. As it contains the way towards these symptoms which is
to be used for the

Normal functioning of the brain

Leads towards the early
development of the brain to function properly and precisely.

Helpful in developing power of
learning and memory function easily.



In autism ,we have also remind some
important points which are said to be useful for autistics.

As they have to intake only gluten free
foods in their diet otherwise it may cause inflammation to them. such as:

















As these elements should not be present in their food
substances for their positive results. As in similar context Norepinephrine , Dopamine,
and glutamate also plays a similar role in increasing  the attention, maintaining normal body
functions, early brain development , learning and memory.


As in contrast, moreover these chemical substances essential
sunlight, daily exercise, healthy diet( red meat, whole grain), animal protein
and soy productsare also necessary for increasing the content of norepinephrine
and neuron binding in the body



Thus in result we can say as vision lobe is
being damaged in the cause of autism due to the improper connection of neurons
in cortex. Which in turn sweet potato contains high amount of beta-carotene which help to restore vision by increasing the vitamin A  content in body. As beta –carotene present in
the sweet potato is mainly converted into vitamin A and it is very useful a
healthy eyes which is sometimes be improper in autism.

As vitamin C and vitamin E is also present
in them which also help to overcome from any degraded/damaging parts of brain
for supporting the vision aspects and also helps to boost immunity

And the most important element found in the
sweet potato is choline.  Choline
is the element which also found in every cell elements of our body. As it is to
be known as most important element of our body and also helps to form a Healthy
cell membrane. Thus Choline is to be known as non-essential element , i.e
produced in very large amount in body itself. If an adequate amount of choline
is present in body of alcohalic pregnant woman then it also help to overcome
from the ill effects of alcohol exposure. Choline also helps in DNA  methylation and change in genes and stem
cells. Choline helps in supplementation in critical periods of neonatal
development have long term beneficial effect 
on memory of new born .

in autism there is, we come to know about the irregular or improper connection
of the nerve impulse through the cortex . Thus the choline present in sweet
potato helps to improve the transmission of neurons from the cortex region. As
the amount of neurons is not affected in this disorder, but there are lot more
no. of neurons are present to be seen by some scientists. But the main problem
in this, is that the weakens of cortex region in which supply or the
connections of the neurons take place . If this problem can be handled so it
become easy to cure them and make them stand on its own, not  dependent with others. So thus in finding the
overcome of this problem we come to know that choline is that pigment which
highly helps to restore that lost strength of neurons and provide flexibility
and transmissibility to make govern connection through the different parts of
our body, which regulate the body movement, contractions in muscles and due to
the good performance of cortex the regulation of mood and consciousness of the
body can also be controlled through the brain by itself.

Another factor is also important that it
also helps to maintain the smooth cell membrane of the body  by nourishing them which mainly helps for the
relaxation of muscles and proper movement of the body parts.


In this context as we are using sweet
potato which is a natural product and with no side effects to be known for
this. As most of the probable features of sweet potato contains as a remedy or
curing factor for the Neuro-developmental disorder known to be as “AUTISM”.
Autism is a mental disorder in which transmission of impulse is not regulated
precisely through the neurons in the cortex region.

As in generally autistic children are dosed
with high doses of depressant which is also contain by the SSRI elements . SSRI
element generally slows the body function and improrer mood functioning but due
to this, the efficiency of improving the body is placed far .Other than
benificial  they leads to chronic
inflammation to the body which plays a harm effect on body as well as brain .
Chronic  inflammation is that which last
for several years and it results in body attack on self cells by damaging them.
SSRI is not curing them as it only controlling or managing  that improper effect of autistic. But as the
serotonin also consist of that vitamins and amino groups which play an aiding
effect on the body. So in this we are trying to conclude that sweet potato
consist of that lot of  essential factors
which are also present in serotonin so while as if we try sweet potato at the
early stages of this disorder to be known  required doses mentioned earlier so there will
be no chances of harm effect on body and may be cured at early stages of their
life. So that they can live and fulfil their desires of coming on this world
and have some mean for their life.