Abstract— his/her bank accounts.Eye Trackers is as an input

Abstract— Nowadays System security risks are increasing rapidly. Especially user authorization is targeted by malicious groups to abstract confidential data. To enhance the security, a different method of authentication could be used.The eye tracker will track the eye positions and eye movement for the visual stimulus presented on the computer system. Various features like gaze point, pupil size and mouse position can be extracted and it can be represented using visualization techniques such as fixation, saccade, scanpath. The scan path is recognised as a pattern and the data is used give authentication from the server database. The pupil region is tracked with respect to head position to collectively analyse and create a real time unique pattern that is given to each individual. The pattern formed is authenticated using pattern that is stored in the database. Here we illustrate a possibility on how commercial eye tracker could be linked with hardware and software to enhance bank security.Keywords—security; eye movement; pattern; unique; scan path;I. INTRODUCTION A Pupil detection device calibrates and compiles the position and movement of eye. Pupil detection and Eye tracking are theprocess used for measuring gaze focus cursor pointer (gaze points) 1 and movement of eye ball with respect to the headstructure. Gaze estimation is important for predicting human attention and can be used for creating a focus point and understanding mental stability of the individual.The camera sensor traces the reflection of photon sourceswhich is used to estimate the eye pupil focus position. This data is used to extract the orientation of eyeballs as wells the direction of gaze. Additional features such as blink frequency 2 and changes in the pupil size can also be detected using eye tracker. The collected data can be written into file which can be further used for user authentication to his/her bank accounts.Eye Trackers is as an input device for interaction between human and computer and in product device. There are many techniques for measuring eye movements.Some popular variants uses video images 3 from which eye positions can be retrieved. Eye positions have to be plotted frame by frame in video. Other methods are used such as search coils or based on the electro-oculogram. With the assistance of real time eye tracking system, it is possible to observe and evaluate human eye focus easily and non-intrusively which increases the impact of visual designs.A. ApplicationsIntegrated security- The technology allows analyzing customers in real time and giving the live access to bank accounts directly or digitally . Website security- Computers are primary source of information. The users can easily locate the gaze positions on the screen. Eye tracking is used by website designers to design the website according to security schema and Bank administrators to identify the customer in website and give appropriate access. Automatic Teller Machines(ATM)-ATMs interface is optimized for eye tracking in a placement of the identification, authorization and to observe whether the customers are looking mentally stable.II. EYE TRIBEEyeTribe12 is a device which is which has its primary input as an eye tracker. The device tracks the position of eye-gaze.The EyeTribe also receives input from other devices such as a the mouse, keyboard and touchpad. The collected data can be used for various purpose such as improving website design or magazine cover etc. Other applications and benefits of EyeTribe from eye tracking include games, e-books, usability