Abstract Hartford police department has cover a lot from


Police brutality has happened all over the United States and yet there hasn’t been a solution done. In particular there has been several lawsuits against a police officer at Hartford, Connecticut and other police officers using excessive force towards people they arrest. There are some police officers who abuse of the power they have to mistreat other people. As well, a Hartford police officer killed a twenty-six years old man with a Taser.  The police officer use his Taser several times in the man to supposedly try to calm him down because he was not coperating. Police officers should be there to protect the community from violece not for them to make more violence. How are we gonna feel safe now? If the persons that need to protect us are the ones who are damging us. Hartford police department has cover a lot from their police officers and none of them have receive a punishment for violating the law.

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In Hartford, Connecticut has been
several reports on police brutality as well as other parts of the United
States. The excessive violence that the Hartford police officers have done has
brought several lawsuits against some of them. Everyone as a community should
need to find a way to stop police brutality. Anyone is at risk of violence from
police officers and this should come to a stop. Right now might be someone you
do not know that is brutally beaten by a police officer, but tomorrow might be
one of our family members in that position and it would not be any good. All as
a united community should come together to put an end to police brutality.  In this paper will give several cases that
has happen in Hartford, Connecticut with some solutions that can be done as
well on how to implement it. 

Brief History

The past few years, police officer
Matthew Worden has faced several lawsuits against him. The lawsuits accused him
for brutally beaten people while they are handcuffed and ordering his police
dog to attack them.  Connecticut police
officer Matthew Worden used excessive force to the people he would arrest. The
attorney Elliot Spector of Mr. Worden defended him. Mr. Spector defends Mr.

Worden for his used of force by stating this, “These were all people who
violated the law and acted in a way that required use of force.”(Associated
Press,1).  A. Paul Spinella lawyer of
several of the victims disagree with the attorney Elliot Spector and reply with
this, “You have a police officer who was completely and totally out of
control.” “This officer and his group ran rampant through this town
year after year.” (Associated Press,1).

Opposition Viewpoint

of the police officers disagree that there is police brutality. There are some
police officers that think that they do not use excessive violence they just
defend themselves. As well not all of them think they have power as in the New
York Times they state it, ” It is a common
myth that police officers approach conflicts with a feeling of power — after
all, they are armed, they represent the state, they are specially trained and
backed by an ‘army…” (Brooks,1). 
The police officers past most of their time helping the community.  According to the Connecticut Police Department
Statistics, “As of April 2011, the 92 departments employed 6,656 officers.” In
this statistics it lets know that a lot of people would not be with their
families because they would be working with the Police Department.


One of the lawsuits of the police
officer Matthew Worden had was from Mark Maher who receive aggressive violence
from the police officer. Mark Maher was arrested on April 1, 2014, for drug
charges by the police officer Mr. Worden and others officers. The police
cruiser dashboard camera recorded Mr. Worden punching Mark Maher in the face
while other officers were holding him towards the ground. Mr. Worden and other
police officers stated it that they were investigating illegal drugs and
alcohol use in a boat. As well, Mark Maher stated it that,” he was just
smoking a cigarette with friends.”(Associates Press).  Then, Mark Maher was charged by interfering
with the police, a time after the charge was dropped. Mark Maher was left with
a big marked in his right eye. Some of the statements that Mark Maher said at
the end was, ” He punched me quite a few times.” “He’s just
somebody who has a very short temper and can’t control themselves, somebody who
shouldn’t have a badge and call himself an officer of the law.”(Associates
Press,1). In this statement it clearly shows the disappointment of Mr. Maher
toward the police officer Matthew Worden.  

 Matthew Russo

August 7,2015, Matthew Russo died by being shocked by a Taser four times from a
Hartford police. Mathew Russo was twenty-six years old and was a white man.

According to the investigation, the mother of Matthew Russo wanted to take him
to the hospital because Matthew had his legs and feet very red and swollen.

Matthew Russo refuse to go to the hospital to get medical treatment. The mother
called the Capitol Region Mental Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) for medical
assistance. Since the MCT could not handle Matthew Russo they asked for
assisting to the Hartford Police Department. Around 8:30 p.m. police officers
got to Russo’s house to help to take Mr. Russo to the hospital. Then, at 8:58
an ambulance was requested to transport Mr. Russo to the hospital. When the
ambulance got there the police officers try to convince Mr. Russo to get inside
the ambulance and go to the hospital to get a medical evaluation. Mr. Russo
refuse to go to the hospital again and also comply with the police officers
request. Then, Mr. Russo stared acting aggressively towards the police
officers. The police officers warned him to calm down if not they would use the
Taser. After all, the police officer use his Taser several times to try to
control and calm down Mr. Russo.  Mr.

Russo would still not clam down the paramedics use a dose of midazolam to
sedate him to try to calm him more and help him. 

 Emilio Diaz and Ricardo Perez

police brutality that was caught in camera was a Hartford police sergeant
stomping in a mans face while handcuffed in the ground. The video was taken
while the two man Emilio Diaz and Ricardo Perez got arrested on June 4, 2016
for stealing a car and for damaging four police cruisers. Everything stared
when a police officer notice in a street a stolen car. The Hartford police
officer attempt to stop the car, but when the car driver notice it instead to
stop he sped off. Later, the Hartford police officer chase the car all the way
to West Hartford where other police officer throw some “stop sticks”
in order to stop the car. In West Hartford is where Emilio Diaz and Ricardo
Perez got arrested. Later, when authorities watch the video they notice
sergeant Sean Spell who was already retired a few weeks before. In the video
clearly shows how sergeant Sean Spell uses his left leg to purposely kick one
of the mans in the head.  In the booking
photos shows both Emilio Diaz and Ricardo Peres with serious facial injuries.

The Hartford sergeant Sean Spell and other 30 police officers brutally use
excessive force in this two man.  The
attorney Corey Brinson is defending Mr.  Diaz
and sent a statement to Fox61, ” believe that
my client will ultimately receive justice in a court of law. These officers do
not reflect upon the majority of police officers who serve and protect with
integrity and honor every day. My client continues to suffer physically and
emotionally from this horrific event but he believes that changes to the police
department will be forthcoming as a result of this incident.”( Roberts).

The attorney Corey Brinson is aware of the crime that Mr. Diaz did, but sure
believes this man should not be treated as he was.


of the solutions to try to stop police brutality might be to order for most of
the police officers to use a body camera. The body camera could help protect
both the police officer and the person that is being arrested. The camera can
record all what is happening in the situation. If the police officers carries a
camera with him that can record anything. Even if the police does not do
anything bad and the other person tries to flip things around the police
officer could have proofs of his verdict. Now a days we have better technology
that could help us have better and efficient body cameras for our police
officers. The police officers already have the dashboard camera in their car
that could capture some evidence if any police violence, but having another
camera in their body would be more easier to know what is going on.  Another solution that could really help stop
police violence is for good police officers to speak up and say all the things
other police officers are not doing correctly. There are police officers who do
not follow directions and abuse of his or her power.  Most of the police officers who abuse of his
or her power are the ones who use excessive violence towards other people. 



first solution can be implemented by asking help to the United States
Department of Justice to financially support Hartford, Connecticut to buy
enough body cameras for all the police officers. The United States Department
of Justice is there to help ensure public safety and to enforce the law.  The police officers help our community be
safe sometimes, but with the body cameras we could know if they are doing their
job correctly. Next, the second solution could be implemented by talking to all
the responsible police officers to collaborate and speak with the truth about
their colleagues. For example, if one of the police officers knows that one of
his colleague every time he or she arrest someone they mistreat the person they
are arresting. The police officer that knows should talk to one of his
commanders and report his or her colleague. Always been honest is a brave thing
to do.

mentioned before, community should all come together to have a better and safe
world. As for example, the same way all the community comes together to clean
public areas to have a better way of living and more nicely we can also do it
with police brutality. Not all the police officers brutally beat who ever they
want. There are good police officers who loved to help their community and for
that reason there is a big hope that all the violence can come to an end.




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